Blog 'orama

Team Icon loves crawling around the multitude of blogs on interweb. In fact, other than our pathetic searching for free porn sites, blog reading consumes most of our day. In no particular order, these are some of our motorcycle related favorites. Pack a lunch and dive in. 

If there is a point of origin among all these blogs than this is it - CoC or Church of Choppers. CoC put the OG in BLOG. Don't let the name fool you, CoC is way more than just choppers. Always worth the trip.

Chopper Dave's Loud Fast Rules. Custom chops, cast parts, nekkid chicks, and the occasional prop driven aircraft. Chopper Dave keeps it real.

What's your prime source for late breaking moto news? If your a child of the Blog, than most likely Hell For Leather is your CNN. Tons of reader interaction makes for an engaging community vibe. Entertaining, informative, and always opinionated - bring a sharp tongue, thick skin, and a keen wit when entering the HFL zone.

From the same country that brought us cheese sandwiches, liberal smoking policies, and topless Mediterranean resorts comes Le Container. A classy mixture of bikes, nudes, and architecture. Le Container is the most interesting man in the world. 

Based out of Australia, Pipeburn rules the wastelands. A photo documentary on the modern cafe racer scene, Pipeburn is a filling diet of quality bikes and commentary. Read it and go build something cool, mate.

A blog from the twisted mind, body, and bike of Icon rider Nick 'Apex' Brocha. Get a glimpse of the glamour and drama behind the scenes with the XDL Sportbike Freestyle champ. 

Icon Team rider Ernie Vigil keeps you updated with the life of an XDL athlete and tips on looking your best for the ladies. Check 'em out.

Sportster heaven. If you've got a sporty than you already read Quad Cam Bastards. If you don't have a sporty - how do live with yourself? And if you're into 80's hardcore check out the QCB spinoff blog - Motorpunk

Like the photo implies - Bubble Visor. Miscellaneous bikes, culture, and artwork fill this blog. It can be a bit of a hit or miss with the update frequency - but when BV is spooled up it's well worth the visit. 

Indy magazine Sideburn and it's associated blog Sideblog are singlefootedly resurrecting the sport of flattrack and it's rich culture. Lots of classic and contemporary flattracking imagery and articles. 

Top notch content combined with an oh so clean presentation - BikeEXIF exposes a myriad of fine custom works. You'll feel more distinctly more cultured after a spin through this Aussie blog. 

Wrenchmonkees is a visually stunning blog out of Copenhagen. You've probably seen their bikes around - clean, elegant, minimal. Its the type of blog that at once makes you want to build your own custom while simultaneously completely discouraging you from ever attempting it. 

Though not officially a blog - is updated on a frequent basis and features some of the most lust worthy sportbikes available for sale. Tasty ZX7R's and VF1000R's and RGV250's and ...

Technically VFT is not a blog - but it is updated on a daily basis and always has tasty bits to view - therefore we declare it Blog!  If you like vintage things that turn left go here.

The Detroit Bros have been welding up the most evilest chops since well before chops were dead. In fact we find the DB style so compelling that the Icon crew has built not just one but two DB framed chops. Drop seat rigid locomotives rule. Truly cool dudes making truly soulful bikes. Michigan fukin rocks!

Belladonna used to be about trackers and speedway. Then it became about hot Swedish girls and partying. Then it became about politics. Now its kinda swung back to partying. If you like any of the above items than you are required to attend the Belladonna dungeon. 

Asphalt and Rubber is the goto source for the latest in motorcycle news. Mainly focused on sportbikes, racing, and their associated ilk - Aspahlt and Rubber delivers quality content in an easily digestible serving size. Check them out to see what the magazines of the future look like.

DicE blog is the digital approxi-version of the printed magazine by the same name. Heavy old school chopper flavor with great write ups. If you wanna be cool you must read DicE. If you want the whole story than you have to buy the mag.

Dope content from a different continent. The always Italian, always cool Rocket Garage.

Another blog from an the Indy magazine scene - Greasy Kulture. Strong focus on the chopper lifestyle - read the blog, buy the mag, build a chop, be cool.

Has Italy taken over the blog world? Apparently so - yet another killer blog from the Mediterranean boot - Otto Nero. The black eight always keeps it fresh.

If the blog world had a variety show than The Kneeslider would be it . Don't let the name fool you - this blog is way more than just racing. A large selection of well written articles that cover the gamut of motorcycling. Be positive, be happy, read The Kneeslider.

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