Saturday, August 7, 2010

Busted and Broken - Crash Master Chris

I just wanted to write and tell you guys how wonderful your gear has been to me. I have been riding for 15 years on pretty much everything from dirt bikes to street. No matter what I ONLY RIDE WITH ICON!!! I have been in three accidents and Icon saved me every time. To this day I have no road rash scars or serious injuries from riding. I not only stand by your product I even got the battlecry tat to prove it!! I will not ride without my Icon gear no matter what.  Thanks for putting us first when so many others don't.

Chris L.
Youngstown, Ohio

Friday, August 6, 2010


As previously mentioned, Icon team members tore up the recent X-Games demo with a first place finish by Nick Apex and sixth by Ernie. Here's some out takes from the event courtesy of

E-dub does it no handed...

...and fully leaned

Nick hot on the brakes

This may look like a crash...but it's not


The Fall 2010 catalog is ready to ship. Click here to sign up for future catalog releases. Also, if you signed up for an Icon catalog more than 18 months ago you need to redo the process. We know it's kinda lame, but our automated catalog mailing program requires that you sign up for a catalog every 18 months just to verify your mailing address.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Product Design Opening

Does your sketchbook look like this? Filled with tons of ideas about motorcycling? Doodles, thumbs, and full blown renderings of motorcycle gear? If so we should talk. We're looking to add another product designer to the Icon team. We do all our design in-house and currently have a unique opportunity for a select designer. If you've got a degree in industrial design, a hot hand, a love for motorcycles, and a mouth for the whiskey drink drop us a line. Check out the link for more info. 

Also, we're still taking applications for a Softgoods Product Developer. Click the link for more info.


The Overlord Prime - our fastest jacket yet. Part of the Fall 2010 collection releasing August 16th.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Po'Boy Sandwich

We're big fans of Anthony BourdainSmoking, drinking, & eating all kinds of roadside delicacies. We've learned quite a bit about culinary skills from watching our monday evening 'No Reservations' episodes. Alas our development manager does not watch Anthony Bourdain. As such he ends up with snacks like this - melted american cheese slice on a slab of pressed ham. Eloquently displayed on a single ply paper plate. You'll also note the lack of anything related to a vegetable.

On the plus side it has no bones

Matte Black Goes Dark

You've seen some of the Matte Black custom bikes on our blog before. True artisans. We were recently sent a link with more photos of these bikes - all dating to around 2003. That was about the same time Matte Black disappeared from the grid. Rumor was that D and his crew had packed up their Seoul based shop and were in route to Huntington Beach. Did their plane go down over the Pacific? Was their boat hijacked by Kim Jong Il's navy? Are they being held ransom for scotch, John Wayne movies, and Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses? Or are they actually setting up a secret volcano based headquarters on a remote island near the Philippines? The custom scene needs the Matte Black Garage Team more than ever. In Black We Trust.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Concept & Execution - Carbon Dreams

When editing together a movie, scenes are sometimes cut if they don't further the story of the film. That is the best way to describe the fate of the Airframe Carbon Lifeform shot from the Spring 2010 campaign. It's a compelling image that does what it was supposed too. Unfortunately it didn't quite live up to the level of shots like the Metal God, Zipperface, Street Angels, Sacrifice and it was cut. Sometimes valiant photos must be sacrificed for the good of the whole.

A location with great possibility and a Carbon Fiber upper custom painted to match the Airframe Carbon helmet.

Positioning the 848 amongst the metal trestles and powdered asbestos

Checking levels as the model throws down mad blue steel

Up close and personal with the Airframe Carbon Lifeform

Final test shot as we get the model situated

The finished shot - very cool, but would never be used

Monday, August 2, 2010

Team Icon Does Portland

Team Icon is back in town and doing what they do best. Click on the link to watch the latest Icon video featuring  Britton, Hoenshell, Apex, and Edub. BTW - Pay close attention and you'll get a sneak peak at the upcoming Icon gear release.

Cool Hero Pan Shots

It Lives...

From deep within the confines of the Icon design lab the experiments near their end. The materials and parts have been sourced, combined, and refined.  All we need now is a good lightning strike to bring our latest creation to life. 

Arise Foul (Weather) Beast!!! 

The Year of the Hurricane

 A CBR600F1 as canvas. Hell yeah!

As painted by San Francisco artist Suzanne Shifflett

Sunday, August 1, 2010


Stripperland just wrapped shooting here in Portland. Rumor has it that it's a Stripper-centric version of the movie Zombieland. Hence the name - Stripperland. Get it?

A Sundance or a Cannes debut? As yet undecided


The first generation Barracuda.  Outfitted in race baby blue they were beautiful cars from a better time.

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