Friday, January 29, 2010

Zartan Returns

It looks like Zartan has traded in the Trike for a Gixxer750. Dope custom figure - artist unknown.

Caption Contest - Jason Britton Contest Winner!!!

The moment you've been waiting for is here! Our winning entry comes from Kevin V:

"ICON not believe this sh*t is happening!"

Thanks to all the clever entries and tune in Monday for next months contest!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Spring 2010 Unzipped

What's shiny and black and gazed all over? Why it's the upcoming 2010 Spring catalog from Icon. Featuring such loveliness as the PVC clad vixen below - as well as things you can actually buy. Bigger than ever and twice as ugly. Can't wait for the printed version to hit your doorstep? Help crash our server on February 5th by downloading the 40 gigawatt PDF version - our IT guys love it when that happens.

It's no Belladonna dungeon - but the Slabtown garage has access to a few mechanized love warriors of our own

Built for Speed

Icon's fastest man in Canada, Ethan Barkley, has wrapped up another championship in 2009. Anyone that breaks the quarter mile under 8 seconds gets a thumbs up from us. Nice job Ethan!

With his GSXR Airframe and Automag Leathers, Barkley sets to work destroying some fresh rubber

Shortly thereafter he launched his 500HP Gixxer down Canada's finest asphalt - True, North, Strong, & Free 

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Dude, where did I leave my keys?

The Crossbone Racers photo'd during a tender moment between heats

Motorcyclist Magazine readers response part 1 
(seriously, have you never seen breasts before?)

Motorcyclist Magazine readers response part 2  
(BTW - was anyone else a bit uncomfortable with the Dainese photo of Rossi's leather clad crotch?)

Sweaty Butt Putt

If you're in the Oklahoma area don't miss the hottest party this summer. We're not exactly sure what putting, butts and sweat have to do with poker and motorcycles but I'm sure the locals will be happy to explain. $5 a hand(full).

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Pine Cone Run

Twisting through the backroads up and over the mountain pass a mutant pack of street-fighters, buzzing inline fours and tired twins make their way to the high desert of Eastern Oregon. Piloted by the staff of Icon they are on a hell bent mission to lay black marks from here to the edge of Idaho. Several hundred miles per day, minimal gas stops and no tourist attractions. This yearly voyage is what gets us through the rain soaked winter. This is what motorcycling is all about. You, your bike, your friends and shredding tires on what some say are roads laid by the hand of God himself. Make it home and you are awarded the annual Pine Cone Run patch. If not we'll send a trailer to pick up your bike.

There are times on the road when you stay in towns that make you question leaving you motorcycle outside all night. Especially your recently high sided and bought back from the insurance GSXR 600. Solution? Stuff it in the hotel room with you.

Observing the required 25 feet separation rule

You see strange things out on the road. This however was a pleasant sight, since the owner of this fine establishment happened to have a shift peg for an R1 we could borrow.

Strange things indeed.

Happy as a kid in a lard store

Over there is Idaho

If you make a wrong turn and find yourself on a dead end road in Idaho near the Hells Canyon Dam, turn around. Or else you might meet one of these guys. And by meet, we mean blast by him at well over the posted speed limit and wake him from his nap.

Shawn, Icon's Development Manager and resident tire expert, gives his opinion of exactly how much tire is left. He was correct. About another hundred miles worth.

Group shot from the 2008 PCR

Monday, January 25, 2010

Panic 1982

As most of you know by now, Icon takes great pride in churning out the most wickedest killerest helmet graphics of them all. In order to do this we associate with (and give monies too) the most illest group of illi's on the planet Earth. One of those guys is Lukas. A true champion of the Portland scene and connoisseur of the finest Absinthe. When he's not dropping bombs like the Dia De Los Muertos, Rockets Dead Glare, or Speed Cretin, he can be found color penciling covers for 8-bit Atari packaging. Check out the following jump for a sample of the crazy Lukas sauce .

[Australian Accent] "Three days ago I saw a rig big enough to haul that tanker, you wanna get outta here? You talk to me." -Max

A dark midwest basement in the middle of January - 'Band on the Run' playing on the turntable - and the pungent smoke of hand rolled 'Toledo Windowbox' filling the air... man I loved Atari 

And keep an eyeball peeled for Lukas' next Icon lid - the Zipperface - dark, disturbing, and sure to generate voluminous hate mail. We only do it out of love.


A garage sale super find - the stuff of legends

And we thought we had the idea first

When you give impressionable young kids stuff like this to play with what do you think will happen? They'll either end up in jail or working for Icon.

Du Hasst Mich?
(Click image for larger version)

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