Saturday, February 13, 2010

Spring 2010 - Hoodys

Hoodys or Hoodies are defined as; a heavy upper-body garment with a hood. The characteristic design includes large frontal pockets, a hood, and (usually) a drawstring to adjust the hood opening. 
We define them as, the perfect casual. Wear it to work, the race, the bar, or just around the house - the Hoody is quite possibly the most universally accepted, and under appreciated, piece of clothing ever.
Cut & sewn & embroidered & appliqued & so on & so forth

Still the best skulls in the industry

Friday, February 12, 2010

Moto Guat

Among other things, the Motoguat is known for ripping his bikes to pieces, and then not reassembling them. Ironically his cherished '01 F4i, shown posing with here, was stolen last year. Still keeping it Honda, he has moved on to  a '75 CB 750 F. We're keeping an eye on his progress to redeem himself with his CB Cafe Racer project. Viva-La-CB-Revolution!

MotoGuat and his skeleton key

Senoir Graphico

Thad is one tough Hombre. Back in the day he used to run the produce section with sharp tongue and even sharper blade. Get on his bad side and he would cut you three ways - long, deep, and continuously. Below is a photo of the bike and the girl he recently won in a cutthroat game of Jersey Holdem. Though Thad is not of Mexican descent he envies their headwear. Someday they'll commit his story to song, until then we can only hum a vague refrain.

 If looks could kill - consider yourself maimed

The raucous applause was emotionally satisfying, even for such a hardened killer

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Ol' Number 42

So we received a few 'concerned' emails recently about the direction of the Icon brand. It seems that some of our recent blog posts might lead a casual observer to believe that we've gone Harley. Well nothing could be further from the truth. The fact is that Icon has always had a great love for all brands of motorcycles. Except for you BMW, we do not love you. Other than that we truly do love them all. To prove our point check out this beauty - the pride of 1979 - the Yamaha IT400. Yep, in excellent condition these works of enduro art fetch damn near $800. Ours though was far from excellent. In fact she was soiled and foul and bordering on scrap. But she did run and came with a uniquely 'distressed' title. I'll never understand why some people feel the need to store their vehicle documentation in their ass crack.  Anyways back to the Slabtown headquarters of Icon she came. We've been hacking away at her decrepit chassis for over a year now. We're pretty sure we can get her into Concourse D' Elegance form in time for the spring opener. Fingers crossed. Stay glued to the shortwave for updates.

In her factory light blue and yellow she was quite sassy...

...after 30 years of offroad abuse and a antique white latex paint job, not so much - though the hand painted '42' is race 

Icon's old world craftsmanship at work. Stock pipe moved from an uppie to a downie. New (to us) XS400 front, YZ400 rear and RD400 top. Now we just need a seat from a DT400 and bam! - connect four (hundo).

Some fine tank artwork - it was originally done as a joke -  than we found out there is actually a motorcycle apparel company called 'Dragon Rider'. We sh*t you not. They are either the coolest or lamest brand ever. Me thinks the latter. 

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Indy 2010

And so it begins again...

I'll probably leave my Saints jersey at home

Mikey and the crew hard at it this morning assembling the frame work for Indy 2010

Tradeshow time

Once a year Icon heads out to the big Powersports tradeshow in beautiful downtown Indianapolis. Indy in mid-February is a real treat. It serves as a miserable frigid reminder as to why all the Icon staff moved out of the midwest. So off we go to ship, assemble, work, drink, sing, puke, sell, bleed, black out, come too, and tear down the mega structure which is the Icon display. Bear in mind that Icon is a frugal company and as such we don't use outside labor for any of these tasks. Nope, everything is done by the dedicated Icon staff. Just another day in the glamour which is Icon.

The following is a blow by blow account of the 2008 show - the last show before the bottom fell out of the market. Hopefully the 2010 attendance will pick back up to something reminiscent of the 'glory days'.

Handcrafted by the Icon team in our luxurious warehouse, the booth is crated up and ready for shipment

In between bouts of actually designing stuff, Kurt wheels the Icon HiLo with style & grace

Back in Indy again - love it!

Discussing the safety merits of our crudely cobbled Harbor Freight winch/skycrane contraption

Terrified of being stepped on by a ridiculously Tech8 looming just above his head, Justin jumped to his death little cut pinky. In true New Yorker fashion Rob failed to help or even give two sh*ts.

The emergency room nurse was not overly impressed with his little boo-boo. It takes a gaping head wound and concussion to get out of Icon booth assembly.

Meanwhile, back at the nearly complete booth, Guy LeDouche is caught with his pants down and forced to surrender.

With the structure up it's time to merchandise the gear - but first we must drink & sing.

And so we did. All Icon Garage Team members are required to sing at least twice a year - they can drink as many times a year as they like.

Then it was Saturday and show time...

The Icon mothership is open and ready for the screaming masses. Downstairs is all business - upstairs is all strippers, booze, and rock n roll business as well.

After the show the Icon staff tears it all down and packs it up. Here the Icon sales crew discusses the best way to destroy an Icon show bike during transit - well done guys! Not to worry, we love completely redoing busted fiberglass and ruined paint.

Tear down sucks - time to go home - see you next February

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

When You're Engulfed in Flames

Like a Top Fueler's wet dream, the Alliance SSR Igniter leaves the bleach box with purpose and rage. All flames and faux chromey logos, she's a graphic tribute to the singular focus of America's straight track heros. Whether your strip is a  sanctioned venue or an industrial park access road the Ignitor feels your passion and fuels your desire. 

Plus it comes in a skittles pack of color choices - click here

Monday, February 8, 2010

All gone....

If you managed to get one shoot us an email and let us know your thoughts...

Airframe Carbon Lifeform

Carbon - the fundamental structure of all life - incredibly light, unbelievably strong. We've used this fundamental element to produce our lightest helmet ever. The shell is formed with Icon's unique dry molding technology which allows for exact placement of carbon material. This controlled placement provides reinforced structure without adding weight. Indeed, weighing in at a mere 1450 grams, the Carbon lifeform is a prime example of the most modern of helmet manufacturing technologies. Of course the weight savings benefit is matched by the vastly superior venting system used in the Airframe. Where the other manufacturers imply venting the Airframe truly delivers. If you have the means we highly recommend acquiring this truly unique Airframe. You will not be disappointed.

Sunday, February 7, 2010


If you get it, then no further explanation is needed. If you don't, then no explanation would suffice.

Zipperface Helmet

Honestly we had nothing to do with this graphic. We didn't draw it and we didn't commission it. It just showed up at our door like a deranged orphan. We didn't ask questions, we merely accepted the graphic and will let the public decide. Disturbing - possibly. Provocative-most likely. Polarizing-indeed.
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