Saturday, November 20, 2010

This installment of Team Icon Talks features the steely eyed Ernie Vigil. The Hollywood stunt man is known for his exploits on the XDL circuit, supermoto track, and local drum circles. Check out his blog for more adventures in the life and times of E-Dub.

Busted & Broken - Christ Air

I really gotta thank you guys for saving my head. This is my helmet after my head fell from over 10 feet in the air! I was standing on the tank, doing a christ, when a big gust of wind hit me and knocked me off the bike at 30 MPH. If it wasn't for the helmet I would be dead for sure. Thanks guys!!!

Stephan N.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Rebel Jewelry v. Slabtown

Every great while the Icon team heads under the 405 overpass to explore the rough and tumble world of the Pearl. It's a vicious place filled with organic fruits, fruity fruits, and cosmo fueled scenesters. Not the place a mildly sauced biker wants to find himself after dark. But with a fresh latte in hand, and a gut full of Coors Light courage, we embarked upon our trek to the opening gala of the Rebel Jeweler. We bought nothing, but we did very much enjoy the free hotdogs and PBR. Thanks for having us and sorry about the 'farewell' burnout - it was ill-advised and immature. You know what they say - you can take Icon out of Slabtown but you can't take the Slabtown out of Icon. 

Giant green cock vs. Goldfish wall mural painted by Jason of Garage 31 

A meeting of the minds

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Pronounced Eva

You'll of course remember the beautiful and talented Ewa Pieniakowska. Hailing from Poland she competes across the European theatre aboard her trusted CBR600F3 (read more about F3 stunting). Though far from the biggest name in Europe, she's got a ton of spirit and drive which is why Icon is proud to be associated with Ewa.

Stunting Polska style

Yep, your dream girl does exist - she just lives in Poland

Ewa engaged in European competition 

Welcome to the world of stunt riding

Spooled up and looking forward to the 2011 season

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Lossa Engineering

Straight from the Discovery Channels Cafe Racer motodrama comes the aficionados at Lossa Engineering - stacking mad Icon handwear style. While we're on the fence about the show - we commend the choice in gloves.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Winter Projects

Winter is here. Sure you could complain about how you can't go out and blast canyons at warp speed. Or lament the lack of parking lot practice time. Or even give a foul whiskey mouthed  tirade about the dark cold rides home from the local watering hole. Or you can turn that frown upside down with the acquisition of some craigslist mechanical Prozac. You know the ones - 'Running when parked; Can't find title; Just needs carbs cleaned; Have to leave country and can't take bike'. The mere purchase of a yamahondasporty can do wonders for the spirit, while simultaneously decimating the joint checking account. Sorry honey - I know the kids wanted to go to Disneyland this winter - but daddy really needs another chop. With enough counseling the kids will understand.  

So Team Icon has shown you ours - know you show us yours. What are you working on this winter? Send us your photos and your build story - best submission will get something cool from the Icon garage. Second best submission will get a slight nod and a "That's pretty cool" verbal acknowledgement. Worst submission will get publicly ridiculed.

The Icon Garage Team intends to get it's hands bloodied within the corroded bowels of the Magnificent Bastard - she is scheduled for extensive lap-band surgery

The Icon Shitester's complete makeover into 1200cc glory has already begun - front end courtesy of Boeing

The bastards over at Quad Cam prepping for the next build - we're guessing it'll be a Sportster of some kind

Keron, the artist behind the Airframe Siren, gets ready for a winter rebuild

Icon's Anemic gets it's annual top-end rebuild

Carlos, from Detroit Brothers, cannabalizing the remains of his crashed ride

Even The Beard, Icon's in house facial haired celebrity (true story), gets into the act with his once proud CB550 stripped down to the point of crushed dreams

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Trick or Treat

Halloween always brings out the fools ghouls and this year was no different. Thanks to Facebook we have a endless supply of Icon inspired costumes.

Iron man meets Arc Seventh Seal...

Voodoo Man meets Search and Destroy hoodie. The Metal God approves.
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