Friday, November 20, 2009

Miki Black

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Cold Dead Fingers

Liberated from it's tarp prison

The most fun tool in the box

Summer '09 configuration - note
cup holder attached to the apes -
the perfect commuter vehicle

Some new 7-spokes and fresh dual-
sport rubber for that old school BMX
flavor that is all the rage 

R6 front end cause all the cool 
kids are doing it

The Icon garage is a very busy place. A constant flow of motorcycles in various stages of life roll through our overhead doors. It's no secret the Icon Garage Team has a soft spot in our hearts for Sportsters. Some say this is because we have an equally large soft spot in our brains. Whatever the case you can always find a sporty or two undergoing massive reconstruction within the hallowed walls of the Icon garage. This lovely example of a '72 XLCH was rescued from under a tarp. She had sat forgotten for years, devoid of both spark and title. Luckily we are skilled in generating both. $1000 changed hands and Cold Dead Fingers, as she would come to be known, was hauled back to the shop.  She's a kick only beast but has proved to be quite the runner. Soon she will be complete - a 1000cc American dream - destined to rule the dirt ovals and gravel proving grounds of the greater Willamette basin. Stay tuned.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


We've seen it laid out before us - as if it has already happened a hundred times. The premonition that haunts our every thought. In the future all riot cops will be ultra hot and clad in Simpson bandits and PVC fringed teddies. Wielding pistol grip pumps they will enact a stunningly sexy crackdown on all two wheeled shenanigans. In preparation for the inevitable melees of street mayhem we are busy prepping our answer - The worlds first urban warrior helmet. Strategically placed at the crossroads of function and violence, it is a technical marvel with the soul of a patriot. A carbon fiber vessel to embrace our most precious thoughts. Stay tuned on the short wave - we will not be silenced.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Snake Plissken

A sporty, fork mounted lever action, and a leather trench - tools of a true professional. I bet Snake was an awesome flattracker.

Monday, November 16, 2009

And so it begins.

Everything you've heard is true. Welcome to Portland.

A Honda on Full-Auto

Ken Hutchison, Editor of the Motorcycle USA magazine, flogging the new Honda VFR1200 around Sugo Raceway in Japan. Check out Ken's  full write-up of this 600lbs  (yes - 600 lbs) uber-bike.

Team No Limit - Japan

Team No Limit Japan holding it down in their new custom Rockstar ICON Contra jackets.
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