Friday, September 25, 2009

The Turn 3 Experiment

...Perhaps we were wrong, perhaps a gravel trap slide is not lame, perhaps it is actually the street crash that should carry the shameful badge of lamicity. So in name of science and general fair play we decided to test this theory at the local track. Our bike of choice for this kind of testing is a one-off titanium framed Arc Ducati. Carbon Fiber and exotic metals be damned - we were willing to stuff this fine Italian bitch deep into the infield in our quest for truth. And as it just so happens we did - right off the apex of turn 3. PIR was angry that day my friends, and we were just a bit too greedy with the throttle. At some point in the ensuing cloud of gravely debris she punched a hole in her ETI kevlar fuel tank, shattered the Zero Gravity, and cracked up some of Hot Bodies finest. The Icon leathers sustained some minor asphalt tattooing and a macroderm patch removal, but will clearly live to fight another day.  As for the rider, no injuries were sustained other than bruised pride and an abraded wallet. So what were the results of our dubious experiment? The outcome of the 'Turn 3' versus 'Main Street' debate which has caused so much forum angst? All we can say is that all crashes suck, both physically and financially. Hopefully you will never have to endure one (good luck with that). But if forced to choose we'd take the gravel trap slide over t-boning a Prius any day. Debate over - talk amongst yourselves. 

Events - Clutch Control

HARD KNOCKS MOTORCYCLE ENTERTAINMENT Presents CLUTCH CONTROL Saturday, September 26th 9am to 5pm at the Philadelphia Wachovia Center.

Starring JASON BRITTON'S TEAM NO LIMIT with Performers and Celebrity Judges ICE T and CoCo – debuting her 2010 Motorcycle Calendar


Thursday, September 24, 2009

JD Power Helmet Survey

JD Power has released their independent helmet survey and Icon helmets came in third in overall customer satisfaction, just a hair under Shoei and Arai. The study measures the overall satisfaction of motorcyclists with their new helmet. Click here to read the complete results. 

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Victory Suzuki - Super Street Bike Cover

Who's your daddy? If you're a sportbike than it might just  be this slab-sided Gixxer. Also featured behind that tinted bubble is the dad of all jackets - the Icon Victory Suzuki. Even the haters agree - the Victory Suzuki is quite possibly the finest leather motorcycle jacket ever made.   

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Jason Britton - 2WT Cover

Yep, that's the man, Jason Britton, at full tilt on a ZX-14 checking on a motorist in distress. We're not sure what she's doing under the hood with a tire iron - but we are sure that is an Icon Automag Dunlop jacket and an old school Mainframe helmet. AAA has nothing on JB.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Predator - Sport Rider Cover

Predator – a bird that victimizes, plunders and destroys for personal gain. Or in this case a bird graphic on an Icon Airframe helmet. This cover shot sums up his ploy nicely. Swoop in, snare the keys to a limited edition Ducati and destroy the preconceived idea that fancy Italian sportbikes shouldn't be abused. Get a better look at this bad bird  and the rest of the Icon lid collection at  

Sunday, September 20, 2009

No Limit Japan

Team No Limit japan will be performing at X-5 located at Ajinomoto Stadium, Tokyo on the 22nd of September
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