Saturday, March 27, 2010


So we yoinked this image off of Bubblevisor who in turn yoinked it from SVrider. We only did it because it is clearly an image deserving of the yoinking and the sharing. 

I'm sure it rides like a turd, but it looks hella cool.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Behind the Scenes

Jason putting in work - his new show 'Stealth Rider' will be hitting Speed TV shortly. Wanna know more? Follow Jason on twitter (@JasonBritton) for up to the minute information on his show.

Photo courtesy of Team No Limit OG - Eric Hoenshell (@EricHoenshell).

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Last of the 500 Interceptors

High on the list of bikes I'd like to acquire is this beauty - the 1986 VF500F Interceptor. When other kids were hanging up posters of Kathy Ireland or Motley Crue in their bedrooms I was posting up Honda sales brochures. Not that I didn't care for Ms. Ireland or the Crue, I just found the 500 Interceptor a bit more compelling. Red seat, red front end, jaunty chin spoiler - a truly refined and sexy motorcycle. I'd like to pick up a slightly knackered specimen and build a 500cc tribute to the Royal City Cycle VF750F. Anybody have a 500 they'd like to donate to the cause? I'll trade you a '89 Fizzer600. 

Update Oct 21st, 2010 - The Magnificent Bastard VF1000R 

Magazine ad from 1986 - puckless knee dragging and crazy red boots

Scale model of a VF750F race bike - somebody has far too much time skill on their hands

The gold painted Comstars are a budget way to get the Astralite look

The real deal - very tasty

Kerry, Icon's illustrator powerhouse and proud VF700F owner, explores the lean angle potential of twelve year old Bridgestones

Is that an Icon Skull roadracing suit? Hmmm....

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Pat's Green Acres

Team Icon believes that true mastery of the two wheeled machine requires practice in all forms of motorcycling. Whether it's on the street, in the dirt, or on the track - we subject ourselves to the brutality of asphalt and the discipline of steel.  A few years back we embraced the holy grail of training...SuperMoto. 

Only a few minutes from our prestigious Slabtown garage sits one of the most brutal racing circuits in the Northwest. A compact juggernaut where you’re equally in danger of high siding in Turn 2, running over small children playing in the infield, launching into the Turn 5 creek, or clipping the lawnmower shack. This hardened loop of asphalt and dirt is known as Pat’s Acres

In just a few short days the Oregon SuperMoto Racing season will be upon us once again. Several members of the Icon staff will be participating in this year’s championship. Already masters of the tarmac, Team Icon will be defending two straight years of asphalt-class domination.  

This year, we have our sights set on the podium for the asphalt/dirt class championship. A blown engine, some broken bones, and a wedding on race day kept us from cinching an overall title in 2009. However, months of training, a fresh rebuild, and a spicy divorce mean things could be looking good for 2010. Look for us in Turn 1 - we'll be the one's coming in far too hot for our own good.

The aerial view of Pat's

The competition is not tall in scale but it is fierce in nature

The Icon Garage Team cannibalizing a WR for the impending melee

Thad's early season form was the envy of many...
Photo Dan Thompson

...until Team Canada's jealous rage put him in dirt

SuperMoto Math
(GP boots + Pig Heavy DRZ) / Careless Lowside  = Broken Foot

Matt enters the wheelie section with style and flair
Photo Dan Thompson

How Justin managed to continue racing despite his grotesque hip wound is a testament to his sheer will - as usual Rob refused to render aid or even give two shits

Shawn prepares to abrasion test the Contra jacket...

...the life of a product developer is not easy
Photo Dan Thompson

Variant helmet testing in the dirt section - helmet pass - rider fail

Matt's season ends with a broken wrist...

...Shawn's with a broken valve...

...Thad's with a broken dream (and shredded jersey)

The coveted championship windbreaker - she will be ours

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Behind the Glory - Etched Photo

The 'Etched' photo that we ran as part of the Spring 2010 campaign was a last second salvage op. The original concept for the shot featured Ernie 'E-Dub' Vigil launching his Hypermotard over a propane fed firestorm. We would accomplish this photo via a distinct lack of respect for Ernie's bike and a crudely hewn wood ramp. With our trusted photog Hamiester pressing the shutter, the concept seemed solid.

However Ernie's Hyper had other plans. On the second test launch we heard a sharp metalic 'Snap!' as the Hyper's already fractured motor mount went from hairline to full compound. Apparently Tereblanche never accounted for 'Icon' when the original design was penned on the CafĂ© della Bologna cocktail napkin. If Ernie had hit the jump again, the motor would have surely unsuspended itself upon touch down. To his credit - Ernie was still willing to do it ... f'in core!

Enter the Mangler.
As fate would have it,  Kurt had yet to find a buyer for his once beloved but now estranged 1999 KTM 300EXC psychomoto build. Fifteen minutes later the Mangler was on location, dusted off and filled with two gallons of the finest pre-mix. One kick and it fired to life - an angry life marked by the painful sting of abandonment. The Mangler wanted blood and we needed the damn photo. A deal was made. The Mangler would give us the shot we needed - all smoke and fire and reckless abandon. In return we promised it a new owner whom it could kill with it's proclivity for highsides. 

The jump location - a closed and condemned superfund site - tetanus boosters were mandatory

Nick and Ernie crafting their kicker - it's kinda like digging your own grave

Test flight of the Hyper

Oh snap! Motor mount failure imminent

Icon's 'Plan B' always includes the Mangler ... and fire

A wicked production shot caught by Mikey - Mike, you may be on B Camera, but you are the B Camera leader

The final 'Etched' art for the 2010 Spring campaign -

Monday, March 22, 2010

Live Fast Die Pretty

We always love to see people take Icon brand loyalty just a bit further than skin deep. The delicate equation of Bombshell GoGo plus Hella Crossbone Racer yields a pretty core tattoo.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

In Case You Were Wondering...

...what was under the sticker
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