Thursday, March 25, 2010

Last of the 500 Interceptors

High on the list of bikes I'd like to acquire is this beauty - the 1986 VF500F Interceptor. When other kids were hanging up posters of Kathy Ireland or Motley Crue in their bedrooms I was posting up Honda sales brochures. Not that I didn't care for Ms. Ireland or the Crue, I just found the 500 Interceptor a bit more compelling. Red seat, red front end, jaunty chin spoiler - a truly refined and sexy motorcycle. I'd like to pick up a slightly knackered specimen and build a 500cc tribute to the Royal City Cycle VF750F. Anybody have a 500 they'd like to donate to the cause? I'll trade you a '89 Fizzer600. 

Update Oct 21st, 2010 - The Magnificent Bastard VF1000R 

Magazine ad from 1986 - puckless knee dragging and crazy red boots

Scale model of a VF750F race bike - somebody has far too much time skill on their hands

The gold painted Comstars are a budget way to get the Astralite look

The real deal - very tasty

Kerry, Icon's illustrator powerhouse and proud VF700F owner, explores the lean angle potential of twelve year old Bridgestones

Is that an Icon Skull roadracing suit? Hmmm....


  1. My buddy has a 85 500 with 13,000 miles he is looking to get rid of

  2. You guys should really start making and selling racing suits. If you were to take the style you put in your jackets into a race suit those things would sell like crazy. I know I would buy one.

  3. Ahhhhh.... 1st bike I ever owned :)

  4. I have an 86 interceptor 500.

  5. "These are not the droids you're looking for" [Jack gets sleepy] "Give us your bike Jack" [Jack obeys and ships us his 86 miniceptor] "Move along"


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