Saturday, July 31, 2010

Baby Come Back

Last Sunday, my daily driver, Cold Dead Fingers, gave up the ghost. With a dramatic display of Motul contrails she signaled an abrupt end to the heavy wristed abuse. Perhaps it was the twice daily hot lap commutes. Maybe it was the extended gravel yard drifting sessions.  Or possibly it was just because she is old ironhead. Whatever the reason I vowed to make things right with her. Fingers is gonna get the finest top end overhaul $300 will provide. Nothing's too good for this ol' gal.

Taking a peek inside jug #1...

... me thinks I've found the problem

Busted and Broken - Deer Hunting

The morning of Oct 1st, 2008 I received my first lesson in extreme deer hunting. A rather large six point buck decided to step onto the road I was traveling. I had no time to react, not even a stupid face. I slammed into the deer at about 50 mph and was thrown from my VTX1300C. Luckily my shoulder broke my fall. Had I not been wearing my Icon Motorhead jacket I am sure I would have sustained more than a broken collar bone. I have a nice scar and can now set off metal detectors, but I am alive and no road rash. The jacket is still in use and only suffered minor abrasion and a few popped stitches on the left shoulder vent zipper.

Thank you Icon

Chris P.

Friday, July 30, 2010

A Mai Tai Afternoon

Sometimes the weather is just right for the king of all drinks - the Mai Tai. If Crow & Diet epitomizes dark solitary evenings in the garage - than the majestic Mai Tai represents all things sunny & social. And so it was, on this fine Friday afternoon, that Team Icon felt quite personable. After a mind numbing week of internal meetings we decided to break in order to pay homage to the Tahitian Deity. Like all rum based things - if one is good than two is better. And if two is better, than four is bestest. 

Keep 'em coming until we say sing 'Blue Hawaii'


Team Empire is doing dirt in LA. The XDL series just wrapped up their Los Angeles round and Nick Brocha took home top honors. Keep an eye out on Xgames this weekend for some stunt coverage.

The Emperor has new clothes - Team Empire's competition jackets awaiting shipment

More Corvette Dreaming

We all know that cars generally suck. Ok, they don't suck - but they certainly are nowhere near as cool as motorcycles. Except for the Corvette Stingray. They are totally cool as bikes. Witness the Stingray in all it's Grand Am glory.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

And for Our Next Trick...

If you thought the conservative motorcycling minions hated the Slabtown magazine ad - wait until they see it plastered in large format across the side of a derelict Chevy cube van. And then parked in front of their suburban Washington house - yeah, we're looking at you Shaw.

Is it weird that wide format vinyl printers turn us on?

4 foot tall cartoon hooker ass - Icon - always classy

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


In a constant quest to redefine the motorcycle market, Team Icon headed deep into territory reminiscent of the Herbert's Dune. Undeterred by the scorching heat and random worm encounters, we shot countless rolls of digital Kodachrome to document our self-aggrandizing exploits. It was a place of heros and a time of glory. Stay tuned on August 16th, 2010 when the spice will flow.

Encased in a second hand stillsuits, Team Icon withstood the blinding Arakis storm - while simultaneously enjoying sips of distilled urine and sweat

A pair of ZX6R's race the setting suns through Beggars Canyon - it's no place to get caught out after dark

Post photoshoot and Team Icon heads back into town for a well deserved date with rum drinks & dancing ladies

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

9 to 5

It was the official 'Bring Your Gixxer to Work' day at the Icon office

Monday, July 26, 2010

Bikes of Icon - Siren

The Siren's call beckons all 636's to their doom. From the warm waters of the Mediterranean to the grey swaths of Shinjuku. Lured by the sidewalk bound beauties, this 636 and pilot found themselves under sail along a course they could no longer control. Running aground upon a jagged asphalt outcropping (i.e. curb), they realized the truth - no man can resist the Siren's call. And so the rider - ejected, dejected, and bruised - collected what was left of his shattered fairing and disfigured subframe and set a new course for AFG Moto. It was there that a massive reconstruction and wrap revived this forlorn street sailor. Now wrapped in a fresh dose of light blue and pink vinyl it's pilot, Hide, plies the rich trade routes of Shibuya looking to trade spice for trim.    

2005 Kawi 636 / Tyger Shark cage / Win McCoy Exhaust / Beringer Front Calipers / EK Chain
Photo Credit: Mark Boxer

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Das Kawasaki is Fantastisch

Rumor is Kawi had to pull this ad from TV due to some potential liability concerns. Whatever, the point is they had the balls to make it in the first place. Kudos to Kawi. We applaud the aggressive thinking and willingness to embrace motorcycling reality that has put them in the lead position within the US market. As for the other three brands - keep pushing that tired 'racetrack' message, it's bound to eventually catch on...

Don't turn around - Der Kommisar is in town


A sub-hunting P2 Neptune buried cockpit deep in sand. Mexico? Africa? We've found info that says both, so we're not exactly sure on the location. Not motorcycle related - just a really cool photo.   

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