Saturday, July 31, 2010

Busted and Broken - Deer Hunting

The morning of Oct 1st, 2008 I received my first lesson in extreme deer hunting. A rather large six point buck decided to step onto the road I was traveling. I had no time to react, not even a stupid face. I slammed into the deer at about 50 mph and was thrown from my VTX1300C. Luckily my shoulder broke my fall. Had I not been wearing my Icon Motorhead jacket I am sure I would have sustained more than a broken collar bone. I have a nice scar and can now set off metal detectors, but I am alive and no road rash. The jacket is still in use and only suffered minor abrasion and a few popped stitches on the left shoulder vent zipper.

Thank you Icon

Chris P.

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  1. nicely contoured #10 you got there... ride safe, ride icon.


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