Monday, July 26, 2010

Bikes of Icon - Siren

The Siren's call beckons all 636's to their doom. From the warm waters of the Mediterranean to the grey swaths of Shinjuku. Lured by the sidewalk bound beauties, this 636 and pilot found themselves under sail along a course they could no longer control. Running aground upon a jagged asphalt outcropping (i.e. curb), they realized the truth - no man can resist the Siren's call. And so the rider - ejected, dejected, and bruised - collected what was left of his shattered fairing and disfigured subframe and set a new course for AFG Moto. It was there that a massive reconstruction and wrap revived this forlorn street sailor. Now wrapped in a fresh dose of light blue and pink vinyl it's pilot, Hide, plies the rich trade routes of Shibuya looking to trade spice for trim.    

2005 Kawi 636 / Tyger Shark cage / Win McCoy Exhaust / Beringer Front Calipers / EK Chain
Photo Credit: Mark Boxer


  1. Is that a twin caliper setup on the rear?

  2. Indeed - twin rear calipers in a standard stunter setup. One caliper is controlled by the normal footbrake, the second caliper is actuated by a handbrake mounted on the clutch side.

  3. cool. I never knew that secret.One day ill have enough readies to get to the U.S.A and witness team no limit for myself.Keep up the good work guys and gals.

  4. 4 Beat You can also see No Limit in Japan, where this bike is!


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