Sunday, July 25, 2010

Das Kawasaki is Fantastisch

Rumor is Kawi had to pull this ad from TV due to some potential liability concerns. Whatever, the point is they had the balls to make it in the first place. Kudos to Kawi. We applaud the aggressive thinking and willingness to embrace motorcycling reality that has put them in the lead position within the US market. As for the other three brands - keep pushing that tired 'racetrack' message, it's bound to eventually catch on...

Don't turn around - Der Kommisar is in town


  1. Thats f#*#ing great! made my day ;-)

  2. did you ever finish the iron bubble?

    it looked so nice
    was hoping to see some updates about the bike

  3. Hey Bubble Visor - I'm stoked to see you've updated your blog. I was getting bummed that you hadn't posted in couple months.

    Anyway the Iron Bubble aka Iron Lung aka Cold Dead Fingers - She's running topless on the streets this summer - no bubble. We'll be posting pics of her big debut soon - "The Container Yard Classic".


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