Saturday, July 10, 2010

Cycle World - August

Something other than a Japanese helmet on the cover of Cycle World - WTF is this world coming too?!! I guess innovative design, finishing tops in independent safety testingand placing a consistent top three in consumer satisfaction has finally payed off in a CW cover for an Icon helmet. Better late than never I suppose.

BTW - We're not totally sure what this issue is about, but judging by the cover bikes CW is conducting a race to uglyville

Special Delivery

We love it when the postmen drop off stickers for us. The only hard part is trying to figure out who gets to lay claim to them. First come first serve suckers! 

Thanks James!

Load 'em Up

Sometimes you gotta know when to hold 'em. Sometimes you gotta know when to load 'em. After 47 kicks with no love you call in the Sprinter Van for a midtown extraction. The life of an Ironhead rider is never easy.

Cold Dead Fingers will ride another day...maybe.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Busy with the Brush

Damn it's hot in here. After a couple of straight days of unfiltered Portland sunshine the Icon Garage Team starts to feel the heat. In order to cool down, multiple light flavored ales are in order. And nothing goes better with Coors Light than a little one-shot, rattlecan, and oil paint. All three classic painting mediums brilliantly executed on alloy and steel. Never let it be said that Icon is anything short of renaissance. Beer me Leonardo.

If you were BMX'ing in '82 than you know what this is

The Snake Charmer's tank  perspiring under the hot midday sun

Our finest tank paint yet - address your zealous pro or anti religious comments to

Caption Contest - Winners!

The Icon office has voted and the winners are.....

1st place - G. Thorness for his clever WINK reference "Your Luchadores is gaaaa-bage!"

2nd place - J. Shepard "This outfit isn't loud enough, hand me that megaphone"

3rd place - M. Grant "ATTENTION, ATTENTION EVERYONE!!, I farted. that is all."

Stay tuned for the next Icon contest coming soon!

What Time is it?

A call went out for Sexy Time -  Icon riders Nick "Apex" Brocha and Ernie "E-Dub" Vigil answered.  Below is a screen shot from their latest video creation....

....lets all hope it's from a stunt video and they're not remaking Brazil the movie.

Street Angels

So we're starting to get photos from all the Icon Street Angels - but we need more! Grab your Street Angel gear, get your cell phone and sext send us your hottest pics. The best photo wins free Friday whiskey drinks at Slabtown or something cool from the Icon swag closet. Personally I'd recommend taking the swag - as Slabtown Friday's can be really creepy.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Carbon Lifeform XDL Bike

The second of a number of Carbon Lifeform tribute bikes. This version was constructed by team Icon rider Ernie "E-Dub" Vigil. Built for competing in the XDL freestyle sportbike series, Ernie's bike is packed with trick kit. The build process is documented in the following video and the bike gets put through the paces by Ernie himself. Enjoy.

Swiss Beatz

We're not exactly sure who or what is going on over at But we likes. A team Icon contingent is headed in a general Swiss direction next month...we're thinking a massive whiskey and cheese party would be good, no?

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Hey you, we just added a new sidebar link - see it there - somewhere to the upper right of this post? It links over to some profound motorcycle blogs. Set aside some 'me' time and give them a look see. Good things will come of it, we promise. Or click on the button below - same diff.

Dice Party

This Saturday in Portland, Oregon. Local legends Motogalore present Dice Magazine Issue #33 Release. Team Icon will be there in full ironhead glory (pending complete electrical system rebuild). 

You may see us somewhere on the side of the road in route to the event. If so, no need to stop and offer help. It's probably just a busted throttle cable, seized brakes, or a loose axle - nothing major.

Caption Contest - Be Cool - Win Icon Casuals

What in the hell could this guy possibly be saying? We think it's something like "Oh Luchador'e don't spit upon the floor'e - thats what they make a spittoon for'e". Hmmm...maybe not. If you think you know, or just want to show everyone on the internet how clever you are, send your eloquent retort to Make sure you write 'Caption Contest' as the subject so we don't discard your entry with the rest of our daily hate mail. (Just kidding - we don't discard your hate mail, we shove it into our underpants to keep us warm on cold Oregon nights). The Icon staff of literary savants will pick the top three captions and announce the winners on the blog. Each winner will receive one Icon casual of their choice. And finally, because America has turned into a litigious nannystate devoid of personal responsibility or common sense, the lawyers forced us to add - One entry per person - see site for official rules and regulations. Ok- commence opining. 

"Bring me your captions - your phrases - your crudely hewn wordsmiths yearning to breathe free"

Swag Vultures

A box showed up at our door last week. Not just any box mind you, but one marked CoC DSMN, IA. For those of you in the know that can mean only one thing - Church of Choppers. The swag vultures circled around the box waiting for the packing tape to be cut open - for the scent of gratis goods carries high on the wind. To their delight, the inside was a cornucopia of shiny metal, debossed leathers, and screened cotton. They cackled with opportunistic delight and dove beak first into the consumable carrion. The box and all it's treasures were summarily stripped clean and left for dead. The swag vulture's appetites were satisfied...if only for today.

Straight from the CoC 

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Motorhead Glove

Another from the sketchbook archive of products that didn't make the cut - the Motorhead glove. Originally designed to complement the industry defining Icon Motorhead jacket, the glove was scuttled for reasons we no longer recall. But as often happens with conceptual product design, certain elements would find a life on future products. In this case the knit cuff would be end up on the Burner glove and the knuckle construction on the TiMax.

It sacrificed itself so that others may live

Monday, July 5, 2010

Hot Rod Airframe

Chopper Dave has been busy with his Airframe. He sent us these pics of his freshly striped lid. We had offered to stripe it in the Icon garage but he declined. Apparently the majesty of our mad striping skillz proceeds us.

Striping by Blaster/ Sweden

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Dusk 'Til Dawn

Nick 'Apex' Brocha and Ernie 'E-dub' Vigil  recently rolled into Portland for a photo shoot. They brought along their Japanese teammate - Shin Kinoshita. Icon, being the gracious hosts that we are, brought Shin to our favorite Vegan gentleman's club - Casa Diablos. And though Shin is not a vegan, he seemed more than comfortable with the meat menu.

Thankfully Coors Light is Vegan approved

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