Friday, May 14, 2010

Dark Hand, Iron Head

Cold Dead Fingers is near completion. Like good poetry, she is an eloquent combination of thoughts, statements, feelings, and ebay buy-it-nows. Her first flattrack event is next month at the illustrious Jantzen Beach Container Yard Classic. Gravel, guns, and fourty-footer's stacked six high - it's a short oval'ish track with plenty of North Portland character(s). Granted, it's more George Romero than Gene Romero, but you take what you can get. 

A little something we learned about in's a Finnish thing 

A personal outlook on living the motocentric lifestyle

Don't get it twisted, this isn't meant as an insult - we like the ladies with some meat on their bones. This is actually a warning that the tail section isn't as structurally sound as it may appear.

Drilled drums are so race

We like to hit the Diet & Crow's before loading our Mack 00's (cool biker speak for drinking copious Jack & Cokes prior to performing freehand lettering and pinstriping)

Team Icon only uses K&N, ask for them by name

A lot of guys like the Z Bars - Icon likes the V Bars, preferably wrapped in some California Lites

Real mens' motorcycles have pedals - as do most mopeds

Oury - there is no finer grip, ever (Hey Oury dudes - Icon sends a friend request)

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  1. thats some cool shit right there.Gotta love that BMX kickstart


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