Monday, May 10, 2010

Dragon Lady

Way back in the early 2002 we joined forces with Dark Horse Comics to produce two limited edition Alliance helmets. One of those helmets was the Alliance Dragon Lady. Penned by artist Adam Warren and produced in a limited quantity of 1000 pieces, the Dragon Lady put us on the map as a major helmet player. 

The original Dragon Lady concept was scrawled in the bar across from Dark Horse Comic's Portland office - never underestimate the creative power of Coors Light 

The initial comps were cool but a bit too weapon heavy... we went with the much more conservative version

The original handpainted Dragon Lady shell - $2500 worth of airbrush work... 

...but we still had to resort to masking tape and marker to fix the graphics before actual production

The limited edition mark on the back of the production helmets (WAR2K2 actually means Adam Warren 2002)

Hand numbered chinstraps - #709 is the only one we kept for ourselves

The finished Alliance Dragon Lady - everything we had hoped for

Truly the sincerest form of flattery

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