Friday, September 11, 2009

WTF is Slabtown Cycle Works???

The 'Slabtown Cycle Works' name and its various logo's appear on a multitude of Icon jackets. We've never really described what this name means or why we use it. So for those of you who stay up at night wondering wtf is Slabtown - read on.

Specifically Slabtown refers to a geographical location in northwest Portland. It's a mixed use/light industrial area north of Lovejoy running out to around Vaughn. The area got its name due to the 'Slabs' of wood that were often stored in the yards of it's poor immigrant inhabitants. A 'Slab' is the scrap of wood that remains when a log is trimmed down from a cylinder shape into rectangle. Nowadays the slab is turned into sheet product such as OSB or MDF, but back in the day they were coveted as cheap firewood.

So why does Icon use this name? Simple - our office is located in the heart of Slabtown - a mere block away from the Slabtown bar and discotheque. Slabtown Cycle Works is the custom bike building arm of Icon consisting of a group of Icon employees that comes together on nights and weekends to fabricate custom motorcycles. Though the Icon brand is most commonly associated with sportbikes - any genre of bike is fair game at Slabtown. We work on everything from sportbikes to street trackers to rat fighters to frisco chops. But really - Slabtown is a more a mentality than a location. A DIY low-dollar busted-knuckle approach to custom bike building. Anybody can be Slabtown. Anyplace can be Slabtown. Build whatever bike you can with whatever tools you've got. The result will be your child and in the end that is what counts.

So next time you see the Slabtown patch on the chest of an Icon jacket you'll be in the know. That knowledge and a $1.80 will get you a coffee at Starbucks.

Icon Garage Team Loves Big Twins

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Busted and Broken

Our crashes are vicious street episodes. We aren't talking about some lame gravel trap slide because you can't negotiate turn three. Ours are more like two lanes of oncoming and a bus type encounter that makes you rethink this whole motorcycling thing. Hunter Thompson knew about our type of crashes - Wacko! - enter sausage creature. At Icon we work to provide you with the gear to walk away.  We, (apparently alone) know this begins with making the gear look like something that you actually want to wear. And we have been pretty successful. Icon has put more protective gear on more unprotected riders than any other company. While every other brand (insert fancy euro roadracing logos here) ignored the street rider we embraced them. While they mocked and scorned - we designed and developed. Where they patently dismissed - we championed the cause. We will continue to push forth our street agenda one avenue, one suburb, one highway at a time. But for all our effort there will come a time when it is just you and the tarmac. A solitary statistical tumble. The Icon staff has been there and will most likely be there again. Because of our own painful lessons - we implore you to wear your gear! As a tribute to the select group of Icon abrasion and impact researchers we offer a token of our appreciation. Busted And Broken - earned the hard way. Not available in a store near you.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

PDX Waterproof Gear

Following our mission to create real riding gear that doesn't suck, we give you the PDX line from Icon. Birthed in the rain soaked laboratories of Portland, Oregon the PDX is our answer to Mother Nature's fury. The pattern of the ripstop waterproof shell is cut full to fit over your normal riding gear. The unique roll-up hood seals against the neck during your ride, then unfurls to cover your helmet hair when you arrive at your destination. A couple of well placed pockets, complete seam sealing, reflective graphics and wind flap elimination straps complete the program. The PDX, keeps you dry while keeping you 'fresh'. New Hi-Viz colorway available now.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


So what gives - the kings of the urban landscape making one piece leathers? The poster child of American moto-hooliganism out on the track putting the wood to next-gen exotic race bikes? When it comes to roadrace gear, just because we haven't doesn't mean that we can't. The fact is Icon does produce a killer suit - we're talking MotoGP starting grid level suit - and no, you can't get one. Unless of course your name is Valentino Rossi. In which case we'll send you one tomorrow. BTW - The helmet in the photo is an Icon Airframe Chrome Claymore - an awesome street or track helmet.


Be sure to catch the latest and greatest bikes on display at the Cycle World International Motorcycle Show when it rolls into your hood. We'll be there with the new Icon gear so be sure to stop by our booth. Next stops are Dallas, TX Nov. 13-15, 2009 and San Mateo, CA Nov. 20-22, 2009

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