Saturday, July 3, 2010


Dude, where did the headlights go? Two of our favorite dual headlight models - sans headlights. The Yosh GSXR1100 with headlights removed for racing and Pamela Anderson just prior to headlight enhancement. We wouldn't mind a ride on either...

Photo yoinked from the always interesting, entertaining, and Italian Otto Nero blog 

Yuck Mouth

So tonight we got to drinking thinking...  

Cold Dead Fingers' oil bag with a new coat of one-shot

The official Cold Dead Fingers logo - Charlton would be proud

Busted and Broken - Search and Destroyed

Dear Icon,

This is a letter of thanks and appreciation. My boyfriend owned a 2009 Yamaha R6 that he loved and he worked very hard for. His parents bought him an ICON jacket that he had wanted but he was wearing a snowmobile helmet because he didn't have the money for a better one.  While browsing in a power sports store, he saw the ICON Search and Destroy helmet and fell in love with it.  As a surprise, I bought it for his birthday.  Now he felt as if he was complete, and he was so appreciative.  

That July, while he was riding his bike home from a friend's house, he hit a deer going 60mph.  He was thrown from the bike and skidded across the pavement on his head, shoulder, and side. When the rescue squad arrived he was barely conscious. On the way to the hospital, the EMTs were able to better examine him to see his injuries.  From what they could tell, he had major gashes on his knees, his hip, and his knuckles were scrapped to the tendons. We had to bring the helmet to the hospital so the doctor could look at it. When the doctor came back into the room, he looked at me and said, "thank God for that helmet, without it your boyfriend would not be alive." I was shocked to hear that, but I soon got used to it as about a dozen other doctors and nurses said the same thing. That day we spent five hours in the Emergency Room as the doctors had to carefully clean out all the wounds. The doctors and nurses were amazed that there were no head or upper body injuries. I am so thankful for that helmet, and every day I think that without it, or if he had been wearing the snowmobile helmet, he would not be here in my life today.

- Elizabeth T.

R6 vs. Deer

Think it can't happen to you? This is why Icon will never make open face helmets

Friday, July 2, 2010


OK, so somebody here has a bit of a “thing” for robots. We’re not really sure who it is, or why it happens, but they keep showing up. Some of the coolest robots (so we hear) are Yoshiyuki Tomino’s Gundams. Much like the broke ass bikes that inhabit our garage, these Japanese robots frequently malfunction. To bring this one into reality, a commission was created, grants procured, environmental studies…ummm, studied, and astrophysical gymnastics performed. The results are the fine 30 lbs bondo and transistor packed specimen before you. Surely not our Domain helmet’s proudest moment, but worthy of a blog post we reckon. Now to root out and destroy the robot mole that has infiltrated Slabtown.

Yes, it is ridable - no, it is not for sale

Thursday, July 1, 2010


It was bound to happen - Facebook just threw a Denver boot on our Icon account. It seems there is a limit of 5000 friends and then ol' FB gives you the ol' FU. This means your only choice is to become a 'Fan' of Icon instead of an actual 'Friend'. I know - totally lame. So in retaliation we are going to start our own social networking site based out of the backroom of Slabtown. In the past, the only thing 'social' happening at the Slab involved diseases. But all that's gonna change. Our new site, based on veiled threats, sexual innuendoes, and drunken bravado,  stands at the brink of a new dawn in impersonal communications. Of course our networking site will only be open on Tuesday and Friday evenings. Just crawl under the 'Demolition Man' pinball game you'll find the secret door to our Tron'esque community. Prepare to be amazed and watch out for the vomit.

If you're not already a Facebook friend of Icon than you prolly never will be - but you can still become a fan, which is pretty much the same thing except you don't get invited to our weekly business luncheon

Cycle Worlds Collide

Ripped from the pages of Cycle World magazine - the decline of western civilization - courtesy of Icon. Seriously Shaw? Once again the misinformed mouths blame Icon's 'ad agency'. We don't have an 'ad agency'. We have never used an 'ad agency'. Get your facts straight before you submit your tired diatribes. Everything you wear, read, or watch from Icon comes for our own in-house staff of dedicated professionals. The guys that make the gear are the same guys that make the ads are the same guys that build the bikes are the same guys that write this blog. So please - if you need to blame someone for defiling the fabric of American society - don't blame mysterious third party 'ad people'. Blame the Icon staff. We put a lot of time and effort into creating this level of printed filth and we'd like to be recognized for our achievements. Ruining the United States with a two page spread - that's gonna be hard to top. But we'll give it our best shot. In fact we're doodling big cartoon boobies on the constitution and as we speak.

Shaw and I obviously don't see eye to eye - although I totally agree with his 'Two and a Half Men' comment - that show is the syndicated antichrist

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Dziewczyna na Motorze

From the country that brought us the perfect hot dog, a legendary pontiff, and some serious speedway action, comes Poland's latest export - Ewa Pieniakowska. Young, cute, and talented - she's willing to flog her coveted F3 all in the name of promoting Polska stunting. We're expecting big things from you, Ewa - thanks for reppin' Icon.

We'll save you the Babblefish trip - 'Girl on Motorbike'.

The next generation Power Puff girl

The grass is definitely greener in Poland

The pride of Opolski

Rain stunting - hardcore

The fifty spreader

Taking 1st place at Street Fighter Festival - Bielawa

Poland looks a lot like Wisconsin...

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


From deep within the Icon archives comes the Burner helmet. Released around 2004, the Alliance Burner helped define Icon's identity within a crowded (and oh so boring) helmet market.  

The Burner graphic was originally drawn on the Mainframe helmet, but due to production delays ended up on the Alliance instead

Preliminary airbrushed shell - we used to produce a single airbrushed helmet to validate our graphic concepts prior moving into production. These one-offs helmets are now on display in the Icon private reserve.

Rather crude but still strangely cool moto skull 

Balanced & Blueprinted - just like our Camaro's

The Alliance Burner ad

Monday, June 28, 2010

DicE Release

DicE Magazine, another fav of the Icon staff, is coming to our beloved Portland. We've got the Icon ironheads all spooled up and ready to party. It's a mad ride across the steel grid bridges when your running 5 psi in your Cheng-Shin knobbies, but we're up to the challenge. 


Summer is here and the glorious Icon Arc TiFighter is still covered in the same infield debris as when it was parked last season. Shame. But not to worry - Icon's crack staff of factory trained mechanics and ham-fisted butchers will have the neglected Duc track worthy in no time. Wild Bill Sanger, our staff painter, will then work his magic on the cracked up plastics and the ugly green duckling will be transformed into the beautiful American Tricolore envisioned below.

New graphics - courtesy of Turn 3

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Win a Metal God Jacket!!!

Miss your chance to own 1 of the 100 Icon Metal God Jackets? The guys over at just announced their very own Metal God Jacket contest. So fire up your handicam for your last chance at owning a Metal God jacket. Ronnie James Dio you're our only hope.

Chill Out Tent

Team Icon hanging out after a hard days work. A couple suitcase of Bud Light, folding chairs, and a Sprinter van filled with angel wings and Metal God jackets. What goes on in the warehouse stays in the warehouse.

You'll note the partially collapsed roof of the Icon warehouse - we gotta get that fixed

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