Thursday, July 1, 2010


It was bound to happen - Facebook just threw a Denver boot on our Icon account. It seems there is a limit of 5000 friends and then ol' FB gives you the ol' FU. This means your only choice is to become a 'Fan' of Icon instead of an actual 'Friend'. I know - totally lame. So in retaliation we are going to start our own social networking site based out of the backroom of Slabtown. In the past, the only thing 'social' happening at the Slab involved diseases. But all that's gonna change. Our new site, based on veiled threats, sexual innuendoes, and drunken bravado,  stands at the brink of a new dawn in impersonal communications. Of course our networking site will only be open on Tuesday and Friday evenings. Just crawl under the 'Demolition Man' pinball game you'll find the secret door to our Tron'esque community. Prepare to be amazed and watch out for the vomit.

If you're not already a Facebook friend of Icon than you prolly never will be - but you can still become a fan, which is pretty much the same thing except you don't get invited to our weekly business luncheon

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