Friday, July 2, 2010


OK, so somebody here has a bit of a “thing” for robots. We’re not really sure who it is, or why it happens, but they keep showing up. Some of the coolest robots (so we hear) are Yoshiyuki Tomino’s Gundams. Much like the broke ass bikes that inhabit our garage, these Japanese robots frequently malfunction. To bring this one into reality, a commission was created, grants procured, environmental studies…ummm, studied, and astrophysical gymnastics performed. The results are the fine 30 lbs bondo and transistor packed specimen before you. Surely not our Domain helmet’s proudest moment, but worthy of a blog post we reckon. Now to root out and destroy the robot mole that has infiltrated Slabtown.

Yes, it is ridable - no, it is not for sale


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