Saturday, September 25, 2010

Busted and Broken - Smoke Trail

Hi all,

OK, short and sweet, I flew down to my local station for gas and smokes, less than one mile away! Im riding the legal limit (30 mph in the u.k. for residential) and I see a car waiting in a side road to my right. I think "ok i'm gonna roll off the gas a little jus in case he pulls out". He didn't move since it's my right of way. I make my choice to carry on up the street, THEN the dopey s$#t comes straight out and t-bones me! I flew straight over the hood and hit a cast iron road sign. I ride a strongarm 13, super duty gloves and field armor boots and NONE of my gear was damaged! Not a scratch. I had normal jeans on so my knees are bashed up a little and I also managed to fracture two Transverse vertebrae (the spiky bits that are on both sides of each bone). I usually don't wear my jacket on short trips down the road but the paramedic said my jacket saved my life. Sort of wish my jacket had the marks to prove it but I guess a before and after of my steed (rest her soul) will have to do. Thanx all of ICON. Now I have 8 lives left.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Concept Bike Challenge - Win an Icon tee

The eighties were a wonderful time full of plastic dipped goodness. The concepts were fully faired from stem to stern and usually accompanied by ridiculous steering levers or a front swingarm. Can you identify these prime examples of one possible future? Name all five correctly with the make, model, and year and win an Icon t-shirt. As usual, post your answers in the comments section. First comment with all five correct answers wins.

Bad Company

Team Icon rider Ethan Barkley shows how $15K of sportbike is cooler than $50K of sports-car. Check out the 6 Time champs website for his latest updates and race reports.

Late model Ferraris are so boughetto

Thursday, September 23, 2010

High Plains Drifter

 Alexi Smith, complete with full Alliance Speedmetal helmet, layed the smack down at this years Toyota Fuji Drift competition. Alexi took first place in the street legal drift class.

Apparently his car is pink on the inside...

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Ernie Vigil - Tearing it up

Team Icon rider, Hollywood stunt man, and pretty boy Ernie Vigil. Known for his exploits on the XDL circuit, supermoto track, and local emergency room. Check out his blog for more adventures in the life and times of E-Dub.

Ernie's heel...held together with garden variety woodscrews

Getting every last pennies worth out of his tires

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Our buddy Randy down in North Carolina sent us this shot of him railing his 'Iconic' V-Max. 

Knee down G's up

Monday, September 20, 2010

Just a Pinch'll Do Ya

We like to think we are relatively familiar with the mechanical history of the 'modern' superbike. Wrong. How the hell did we not know about this beauty. The GSXR Skoal edition. Back in the day when motorsports and tobacco played well together Suzuki dropped this limited edition beauty. A slabsider in a factory green paint scheme...complete with the Skoal bandit cowboy. All topped off by a pale mint green seat - absolutely ruling. The one below is of course a 'tribute' bike in that it is a 1100 not a 750. But who cares - just sit back and marvel at this beautiful machine.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Busted and Broken - Midnight Run

Thank you Icon for saving my hide!

Sunday morning 4/12 at a bit after Midnight I was riding home from
work, my normal route. I was in my Icon high viz orange safety vest,
Manic helmet, Timax jacket, Merc long gloves, Field Armor boots. (did
I mention I like Icon?) I was sitting at a traffic light when a DUI
driver hit me from behind, picked the bike up and threw it sideways
into the next lane with me under it. Luckily I was able to quickly
move the bike off me and only had bruised legs and shoulder. The
police officer was amazed that I did not sustain more injuries. He
himself rides and asked what kind of gear I had, I proudly said it
was all Icon. My gloves and jacket were scuffed up and one of the
buckles on my boots was snapped, but that was all. Other than a few
bruises, I just have one scuff on my leg. My Icon armor did it's job!
I will have to get some of my gear replaced with going down and you
can count it me getting new Icon gear!

Thank you for making quality gear that looks great and really protects a

Chris R.
St. Louis, Mo

Cretin Love Trap

On the rare occasion the Cretin can't get a date he can always rely on the ol' trusty stoppie to cutoff maneuver to trap his prey.

Admiral Ackbar would approve.

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