Sunday, September 19, 2010

Busted and Broken - Midnight Run

Thank you Icon for saving my hide!

Sunday morning 4/12 at a bit after Midnight I was riding home from
work, my normal route. I was in my Icon high viz orange safety vest,
Manic helmet, Timax jacket, Merc long gloves, Field Armor boots. (did
I mention I like Icon?) I was sitting at a traffic light when a DUI
driver hit me from behind, picked the bike up and threw it sideways
into the next lane with me under it. Luckily I was able to quickly
move the bike off me and only had bruised legs and shoulder. The
police officer was amazed that I did not sustain more injuries. He
himself rides and asked what kind of gear I had, I proudly said it
was all Icon. My gloves and jacket were scuffed up and one of the
buckles on my boots was snapped, but that was all. Other than a few
bruises, I just have one scuff on my leg. My Icon armor did it's job!
I will have to get some of my gear replaced with going down and you
can count it me getting new Icon gear!

Thank you for making quality gear that looks great and really protects a

Chris R.
St. Louis, Mo

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