Saturday, October 23, 2010

Engine Engine #9

We like naked Ducati's. Not Monster naked mind you - nothing of the prefabbed factory stock nudes. No, we like fine Italian supermodels that have been shucked of their couture outerwear. Stripped fashionistas that are at once both shamed and brazen. Such unholy conglomerations as the following trellis framed lolitta. Check out the wonderful world of BikeEXIF for the more of #9.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Resistance is Futile

After the apocalypse there won’t be that many people left so efficiency is going to be key. We’ll have to clear the roads of ashed out Escalades, remove the gold from fort knox, and of course there’ll be the matter of fending off the invading aliens/zombies/dinosaurs or what have you. Thinking ahead, the boys over at Raytheon strapped on a Domain Helmet and decided to build themselves an apocalypse preparedness suit. Bring it on Judgment Day...bring it on!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Magnificent Bastard

Straight outta Salinas comes our latest steed - a 1986 VF1000R. We've long since admitted our prediliction for all things 80's Honda. The first VFR is arguable the pinnacle of that era. Not pinnacle in that it's a great bike - it most certainly is not. In fact this particular one sat on the dealership floor until 1990. Not exactly the mark of desirability - and for good reason, it's an absolute tank. No, when we use the pinnacle label it's more in relation to style and steez. Thick & saucy, with a throaty smokers cough reverberating out the twin Yosh, it demands attention. She was built as a homologated production race bike meant to do battle in the endurance race classes. Unfortunately the Honda engineers missed a few key elements on their merry way to fatville. But twenty five years later, dressed in fine HRC race livery and hitting the scales at an impressive 600 pounds the VF has truly become a Magnificent Bastard

We've got big plans for the water whale. Stay tuned for her makeover into a RS850 x RS1000RW x GS1000 x MFP endurance pursuit bike. Yoshimura Tornado seat with exposed battery tray, a pair of external mount PIAA's, staggered cans, yellow plates, and maybe even rebuilt carbs. Yeah, she'll still be the fattest girl at the dance - but she's got a cute face, big chest, and she puts out. Once you reach a certain age you'll realize how desirable that combination can be. Viva la VeeFour.

Red conventionals with a drop out axle - so race

An Autumn blast through the pretty side of the Slabtown district

Spooling up Avon's always seems so classy - in a British accent kind of way

Oury's are the mandatory dress code at Club Icon 

Inspiration #1 - FWS1000/RW1000RS

Inspiration #2 - RS850R

Inspiration #3 - Sexy eyepatch 

Inspiration #4 - Staggered asymmetrical pipes

Inspiration #5 - Bol d'Or

Inspiration #6 - Bold lean angles

Inspiration #7 - Mean GS1000R

Inspiration #8 - Dual spots and twin raccoon burners

Inspiration #9 - The Bronze KZ1000

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Years in the thinking, weeks in the making - say hello to Anemic -she's a '80/'83/'85 Ironhead powered oxymoron. Don't blame the Hodaka boys for this creation - they had nothing to do with it. No, this fine bit of engineering is all Team Icon. Starting with a Craigslisted ironhead powerplant we knew that horsepower would not be her strong suit. In fact nothing says anemic like the word 'Anemic' written in tire pen on your frame. With her medieval ergonomics she's a fine steed no doubt . What's that you say? Hardtail drop seats are so fat tire. Dammit - that is time critical information - we need to get on a better tweet feed!

P.S. - Jockey shift has since been removed. We'd like to give a big ups to the  Washington State Highway Patrol for pointing out the multiple engineering flaws. We'll dedicate our next I-5 standup to you brother.

P.S.S - Do not stunt your Ironhead. Not once, not ever. The Container Yard Classic, though both highly entertaining and universally vilified, managed too take out two previously fantastic running sportys. It seems sustained RPM's and antiquated Harley engineering is not a love connection. Who knew? 

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Walk Softly, Carry Big Knife

The Domain2 Ronin from Lukas. It was a cool idea that didn't quite make the cut. Pun intended. Thank you - we'll be performing here all week.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Snake River

In order to promote the Speed Cretin helmet we thought about jumping Snake River Canyon. Until we realized we don't own a SkyCycle (yet!). So instead of jumping the river we just bungeed above it. Yeah... decidedly less dramatic but we're on a strict budget.

Sunday, October 17, 2010


Some dope looking animiation! Anybody over in Japan have any additional insight on this movie?

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