Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Years in the thinking, weeks in the making - say hello to Anemic -she's a '80/'83/'85 Ironhead powered oxymoron. Don't blame the Hodaka boys for this creation - they had nothing to do with it. No, this fine bit of engineering is all Team Icon. Starting with a Craigslisted ironhead powerplant we knew that horsepower would not be her strong suit. In fact nothing says anemic like the word 'Anemic' written in tire pen on your frame. With her medieval ergonomics she's a fine steed no doubt . What's that you say? Hardtail drop seats are so fat tire. Dammit - that is time critical information - we need to get on a better tweet feed!

P.S. - Jockey shift has since been removed. We'd like to give a big ups to the  Washington State Highway Patrol for pointing out the multiple engineering flaws. We'll dedicate our next I-5 standup to you brother.

P.S.S - Do not stunt your Ironhead. Not once, not ever. The Container Yard Classic, though both highly entertaining and universally vilified, managed too take out two previously fantastic running sportys. It seems sustained RPM's and antiquated Harley engineering is not a love connection. Who knew? 

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  1. That's an awesome lookin' bike!! thumbs-up for ICON Moto!


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