Saturday, August 14, 2010

Lancia Stratos

We like fast things. Fast things with lots of lights. Fast things with lots of lights that are routinely beaten on public roads. And they have to be sexy. Preferably from the seventies. So immediately you start thinking - Icon is gonna post up some fantastic shots of 'all-natural' beauties. Perhaps some sandy blonds posed up on a beach with macramé bikinis and tousled locks. You can almost smell the coppertone and Acapulco gold.  But alas no. Though we have those photos we keep them for ourselves - for... um... reference purposes. Instead we offer up some shots that are almost as good. The Lancia Stratos - last of the RWD champions. Yellow rims, eight burners, louvered hood, massive fender flares, and a roof spoiler. It almost makes us forget all about corvettes.

I Have a Dream

Did someone just say Brilliant? A HD sponsored contest to win a matching pair of custom painted, candi rootbeer ironhead and corvette - OMFG yes please! These are the things of which Icon is made. Just add in a matching pickle fork and a young Annie Potts ... presto - American heaven. 

BTW - we found this ad on Ze Last Chance Garage blog - it's a cool French blog with tons of Americana

Friday, August 13, 2010

The Icon Creed

Every Stoplight. Fukin Bomber.

Speed Queen

Pretty in pink? Yeah - not quite. So what is there to say about this beauty that isn't visible to the trained eye? Perhaps you'll note the square tube hand crafted rear cage. Robust enough for a Bradley fighting vehicle yet bolted to the shattered remnants of the RR's subframe. Perhaps you're intrigued by our clever use of Skidoo controls for a hand brake. Or is it the peekaboo stock gixxer can painting the swingarm with it's filthy black tar cough. Or maybe you're just like every other dude and you can't get past the pink paint and ultra femme graphics. It's just that sometimes the fairer sex needs to throwdown some mad circle wheelies and vicious drifts. And when that time comes we've got the perfect bike. The CBR600RR Speed Queen - look for it in a video coming soon.

Why does everyone insist on calling the RR a girls bike?

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Road Toad

Hodaka is proud to announce the release of the 2011 Road Toad. Powered by an aircooled 1000cc twin, it's the perfect first bike for the kids. If you like this one, stay tuned for all new 2012 Combat Wombat. Rumor has it that it's powered by a Busa motor.

Wanna see more of the Road Toad aka Anemic - Click Here

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Apocalypse Gold

Looks like the crew over in Japan is busy wrapping another bike. Could this be the cover image from the next Hammerfall album? A long since forgotten tee shirt graphic from Ozzy's 1984 world tour? Or just another new helmet design from our secret stash of wicked howling wolf and skelehorse art? Only time will tell...


True Patriots

What is it about red, white, and blue motorcycles that makes them so damn sexy? Whether it's HRC or Evel Knievel, the tricolors are always fresh and clean. 

Cold Dead Fingers & The Hurricane posted up outside Kelly's Olympian

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Broken and Busted - Apex'd

Icon Team rider Nick Apex sent us this photo of his freshly crashed bike. We asked how many times he's done this and he started crying. 

Nick is in dire need of a clip-on sponsor - please send help

Monday, August 9, 2010

Lost Souls

Another lost soul wandered was pushed into the Icon garage last night. She's a CB550 in all her hipster glory. The previous owner gave up on her once she started spewing gas from her carbs. It seems hipsters have an aversion to gas soaked denim - we wish the same held true for the skin tight variety. Anyways, saved by a new Icon Garage Team member her fate lies in his trembling hands. What will she turn into? A bobber, a cafe, a smoking inline four shitebox? Only time and twelver's of Natty Light will decide.

Randy when parked...

Photo Caption Contest

It's that time again. Time to test your wit and wordcraft and garner the Icon staff's praise. Write a clever caption for the picture below and we'll send you some Icon casual gear. What could be easier?

Send entries to Include your blog follower name. One entry per person please.

Sunday, August 8, 2010


So much game it's tough to look at. Red Firebird, bookended trim, and absolutely no catalytic converters in sight. He probably just got done turning big Nascar donuts in that grassy field (yes, that is code for something). Yeah, this cat can obviously live with success. Much respect player.

We're not sure what the chick in the blue jumpsuit is doing - but we like it!
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