Friday, August 13, 2010

Speed Queen

Pretty in pink? Yeah - not quite. So what is there to say about this beauty that isn't visible to the trained eye? Perhaps you'll note the square tube hand crafted rear cage. Robust enough for a Bradley fighting vehicle yet bolted to the shattered remnants of the RR's subframe. Perhaps you're intrigued by our clever use of Skidoo controls for a hand brake. Or is it the peekaboo stock gixxer can painting the swingarm with it's filthy black tar cough. Or maybe you're just like every other dude and you can't get past the pink paint and ultra femme graphics. It's just that sometimes the fairer sex needs to throwdown some mad circle wheelies and vicious drifts. And when that time comes we've got the perfect bike. The CBR600RR Speed Queen - look for it in a video coming soon.

Why does everyone insist on calling the RR a girls bike?

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