Saturday, August 14, 2010

Lancia Stratos

We like fast things. Fast things with lots of lights. Fast things with lots of lights that are routinely beaten on public roads. And they have to be sexy. Preferably from the seventies. So immediately you start thinking - Icon is gonna post up some fantastic shots of 'all-natural' beauties. Perhaps some sandy blonds posed up on a beach with macramé bikinis and tousled locks. You can almost smell the coppertone and Acapulco gold.  But alas no. Though we have those photos we keep them for ourselves - for... um... reference purposes. Instead we offer up some shots that are almost as good. The Lancia Stratos - last of the RWD champions. Yellow rims, eight burners, louvered hood, massive fender flares, and a roof spoiler. It almost makes us forget all about corvettes.


  1. have you seen the lancia stratos one off that was recently captured?

  2. The Stratos was a purpose built beast, that was the precursor to the infamous Group B era in 80's rallying. 700 HP, 1500 lb cars tearig up gravel and snow rally stages....Sweet!


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