Sunday, August 15, 2010

On Any Sunday

Most people have a favorite ride. A road and a bike - maybe real, maybe imaginary. A route where they are at peace with themselves - where they are at peace with their life. It doesn't have to be a twisty two lane backroad. It doesn't have to be a slab of post-war interstate. It doesn't have to be a  knee dragging exploit on the local track. Or even a gnarled up section of single track. Some of the best rides can be found right outside the garage door. An average American neighborhood, a well worn Honda Trail 70, and the freedom of the open suburban road. Blasting through your hood on a warm Sunday evening as the light sets on another sun bleached weekend. Click it down into third the speedo reads all of 35mph - fast enough. Your favorite ride doesn't have to be complex, far, or daunting. It can be just a simple minibike adventure that peels back a decade or three from your life - reminding you why you got into motorcycling in the first place. 

Forever two wheels.

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