Saturday, September 11, 2010

Busted and Broken - Barrel Roll

Dear Icon,

My boyfriend and I had spent all day riding in the mountains of Western North Carolina, like we usually do on sunday afternoons. On our way back home we got behind a truck running about 60mph on a two lane highway. Then all of a sudden out of no where the guy in the truck decides to turn to the left up a side road, with no turning signal. As Brandon (my boyfriend) hit the brakes to try to keep from hitting the truck in the back, the back tire of the bike starting going sideways. I lost my balance and fell off to the right side of the bike. As I feel off my right leg kicked up under the bike and the back tire ran over my knee. Along with that, my head hit the pavement first. Thank goodness I had my Claymore Airframe Helment on. Out of the accident I had no neck or head injurys, road rash down my arm and a pinched nerve in my knee. The doctors said they couldn't underdstand how I kept from getting a concussion or a broke neck with the way I landed and after rolling forty feet up the pavement, one answer: My Icon helment. Thank you so much for making great, lifesaving gear!!!!

-Stacey A

Friday, September 10, 2010

Icon Street Scene @ Indy

The Icon Street Scene that went down during the Indy GP weekend was huge success. Jason Britton, Eric Hoenshell, Nick Brocha, Ernie Vigil, pole dancers, the latest Icon gear, free swag, hot beats, and tons of hot chicks. It was definitely the event of the evening at the GP. Thanks to everybody who made it out to watch the show. If you didn't make it out - don't worry - we've got more events in the works. Keep tuned to the blog or become a Facebook fan or Twitter follower to keep up to date on the latest Icon news. We might be coming to a town near you...

Miss XDL

Miss XDL Chanel Jones aboard Ernie Vigil's Icon Carbon Lifeform bike. 

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Captain America

Ever wonder were Jason Britton came up with his iconic circle/star paint scheme? It is based on the shield of the Marvel comic book legend Captain America. Apparently the Captain got himself a new ride. Reportedly it's a new new Indian (would somebody please let that brand rest in peace?) dressed up to look all WW2. Shots from the new Captain America movie below.

Anybody who rocks a carbine in a front fork holster is alright by us.

The Captain taking time out to chat up the ladies - he's got a little Captain in him

The bad guys are outfitted our latest RetroTiMax collection


Most of our motorcycle knowledge starts after the second world war. We do however have an appreciation for the earliest days of motorcycling. It was a time of great possibilities and a multitude of manufacturers. Not unlike the current batch of electric motorcycle manufacturers. A few prime examples grace the reception area of the Wisconsin headquarters of Parts Unlimited. Wanna see bikes like this actually 'tearing' up the pavement? Check out the 2010 Cannonball Run featuring vintage motorcycles. 

This is the headlight all other headlights refuse to stand next to in the shower.

Judging by the rear sprocket, the Imperial looks perfect for serious stunting

The oft overlooked and rarely celebrated 1918 Cleveland Steamer

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Empire Mobile Lab

Uh-oh, looks like somebody just got themselves a new ride. By somebody we of course mean Team Empire. And by new we obviously mean old as hell. Witness the all new (to them) Team Empire Mobile Domination Stunt Headquarters of Doom. 

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Wheelie and the Chopper Bunch

Way back in the Seventies there was a short lived cartoon that played a significant roll in shaping deforming the young minds the Icon staff. Wheelie and the Chopper Bunch was an apt metaphor for the times - crappy little gas saving cars VS. big cylinder oil chewing chops. We always rooted for the Chopper Bunch but that assclown Wheelie always got the girl.

Remember when cartoons were only shown on Saturday morning?

Mini, Trike, raked, and frisco... looking disturbingly like the Icon garage

This is how we learned choppers are cool and cars suck

Monday, September 6, 2010

We've Added a New Blog - Kind Of...

Well it's not actually a blog, but is updated constantly in a very 'bloggish' manner. Filled with beautiful examples of both vintage and modern sportbikes, RSBFS is well worth the occasional daily gander. You can find this blog, as well as many other Icon fav's on our Blog'orama page.

Alliance - Dixie Chick

In the summer of 2003 the helmet game was changing. A young company started applying real artist work and design skills to streetbike helmets. At the time there was very little available besides 'racer replica' or a generic curvilinear designs. Enter Icon. One of our first 'game changing' helmets was the Alliance Dixie Chick, designed in association with Dark Horse Comics. Only available in a limited quantity, there are few of these helmets still around. If you have one, keep it safe - it's a piece of motorcycle history.

Early concept sketches by Dark Horse Comics

Finished artwork executed in Photoshop prior to being vectorized

Initial rough layout of the graphic elements - quick & dirty works well at this stage

Refined Illustrator artwork to start the work on scale, placement, and proportion (sidepipes were dropped at this stage)

The first round sample complete with masking tape and marker revisions around the girl and upper flame area

The finished helmet - 1000 total helmets were made 

Sunday, September 5, 2010


Usually Icon utilizes Oregon's forested reserves as an off-road proving ground. Year round you can find thumpers and stinkpipes barking a harmonious chorus of eco-friendly frivolity. Except for September. That's when the dirt bikes are parked in favor of compound bows and store bought coyote piss. Such is the time when accomplished archers and Icon known associates stalk the dark bowels of the Trask range. The Pacific Northwest, truly a sportsman's paradise.

Thanks for the grocery sack full of elkeroni sticks - best of luck disposing of the remaining 600lbs of elk flesh - might we suggest a Traeger?

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