Saturday, September 11, 2010

Busted and Broken - Barrel Roll

Dear Icon,

My boyfriend and I had spent all day riding in the mountains of Western North Carolina, like we usually do on sunday afternoons. On our way back home we got behind a truck running about 60mph on a two lane highway. Then all of a sudden out of no where the guy in the truck decides to turn to the left up a side road, with no turning signal. As Brandon (my boyfriend) hit the brakes to try to keep from hitting the truck in the back, the back tire of the bike starting going sideways. I lost my balance and fell off to the right side of the bike. As I feel off my right leg kicked up under the bike and the back tire ran over my knee. Along with that, my head hit the pavement first. Thank goodness I had my Claymore Airframe Helment on. Out of the accident I had no neck or head injurys, road rash down my arm and a pinched nerve in my knee. The doctors said they couldn't underdstand how I kept from getting a concussion or a broke neck with the way I landed and after rolling forty feet up the pavement, one answer: My Icon helment. Thank you so much for making great, lifesaving gear!!!!

-Stacey A

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