Thursday, September 9, 2010

Captain America

Ever wonder were Jason Britton came up with his iconic circle/star paint scheme? It is based on the shield of the Marvel comic book legend Captain America. Apparently the Captain got himself a new ride. Reportedly it's a new new Indian (would somebody please let that brand rest in peace?) dressed up to look all WW2. Shots from the new Captain America movie below.

Anybody who rocks a carbine in a front fork holster is alright by us.

The Captain taking time out to chat up the ladies - he's got a little Captain in him

The bad guys are outfitted our latest RetroTiMax collection


  1. That is a Harley replica, not an Indian. The Indian had a heel-toe shift, a diffeerent air-box, smaller diameter front fork tubes, and a shaft drive.

  2. Looks like a 48 replica? These pics don't provide a promising view of the movie.


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