Monday, September 6, 2010

Alliance - Dixie Chick

In the summer of 2003 the helmet game was changing. A young company started applying real artist work and design skills to streetbike helmets. At the time there was very little available besides 'racer replica' or a generic curvilinear designs. Enter Icon. One of our first 'game changing' helmets was the Alliance Dixie Chick, designed in association with Dark Horse Comics. Only available in a limited quantity, there are few of these helmets still around. If you have one, keep it safe - it's a piece of motorcycle history.

Early concept sketches by Dark Horse Comics

Finished artwork executed in Photoshop prior to being vectorized

Initial rough layout of the graphic elements - quick & dirty works well at this stage

Refined Illustrator artwork to start the work on scale, placement, and proportion (sidepipes were dropped at this stage)

The first round sample complete with masking tape and marker revisions around the girl and upper flame area

The finished helmet - 1000 total helmets were made 

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