Saturday, February 6, 2010


2010 is the official year of the Tongue. Prepare to be violated tasted licked offended. 

The Etched Collection

Etched into the memory of a thousand peoples, the wraith's rocker tongue is as restless as it is disrespectful. Licking and lapping at the precipice of indiscretion, it wants nothing but it takes everything. The Variant Etched - where the apparition meets harsh reality.

There comes a time when lines are drawn, when decisions must be made. A time when you must choose your preferred side of the fence - a 'plain jane' wallflower or the boldest of riders. Are you the latter? Do you long for the crowd's adoring screams. Do you look at the Hooligan2 Etched and ponder which colorway would best match your ebullient attitude? Then your choice is quite obvious. Ride on secure in the knowledge that your insatiable skull appetite will be satisfied.

The Sub Etched - our most comfortable glove in the most comforting of graphics. Available in black, red, or blue depending on how you swing. But when you wear these gloves swing you must.



Dear Mr. Lagerfeld, 

I sincerely apologize for questioning your design wisdom and artistic flair. I was remiss for casting stones anywhere near glass houses or in this case exposed breasts. For indeed, I have also dared to combine the forbidden fruit of helmets and bosom. And though you are canonized for your efforts, and I demonized, I still extend my heartfelt apologies for my insolence. Crossing boobs with lids is clearly an issue best left to more flamboyant soles than myself. 

Your humble servant in design, 

The Mainframe Eternal - banned before it even hit the market...

Friday, February 5, 2010

Street Angel


The new 2010 Street Angel collection - winged and scripted with the usual Icon flair. We had almost as much fun designing this line as Mr. Lagerfeld did with his helmet. Available in three different colorways to keep to your angel(s) happy.

Street Angel Collection

If you've got an Angel, your a lucky man - keep her off the streets. But if you've got a Street Angel there won't be any stopping her. Your only choice is to put her in gear tough enough to survive the asphalt battlefield. This starts with a premier lid - the Airframe Street Angel. Engineered to meet the toughest safety standards and graphic'd enough to meet hers. Unquestionably feminine but accented with a hardened core. Kind of like a beauty queen packing a straight razor-easy on the eyes, but best keep you hands to yourself.

Hella Street Angel Jacket
The refined Hella chassis is the finest fitting women's motorcycle jacket on the market. So fine in fact that a few have been rebadged with the winged hearts of the Street Angel. For those who don't know-a Street Angel evokes lust at first sight-always has, always will. Perhaps it's this thrill of imminent danger, an insatiable desire for a ride on the crazy train. What else could explain why otherwise sane men desperately pursue these asphalt vixens? In time you'll learn-Street Angels-appreciate from a distance or forever pay the price.

Hella Street Angel Chaps
Of all the biker hangouts in the world she had to walk into yours. And what's she wearing on the stems? Hella Street Angel nylon chaps. You better play your cards just right, because if she rides off on the back of someone else's whip you'll regret it. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but soon and for the rest of your life.

Sub Street Angel Gloves
Scripted and swirled like the professional who wears them. The proper handwear choice for a homecoming queen gone bad. The angel in the title betrays your true intentions.

Thursday, February 4, 2010


Starting off the Spring 2010 collection posts, we present the Sacrifice gear. A  heartbreaking cool skull served on a toasted platter of Mayan doom. It's like we're daring 2012 to hurry up and get here so we can stop making those damn bike payments. 

Sacrifice Collection

The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few. Some will thrive whilst others wither. The Airframe Sacrifice is the former. A warrior's helm. A leader destined for glory amongst the disposable ranks. Legions of weaker willed troops will break upon it's chromed brow. There will be no legends passed down to glorify their sacrifice. Only this single heroic helmet and magnificent crest will remain.

Contrary to the name no sacrifices were made when it comes to this jacket. The groundbreaking Contra textile jacket adorned with obscene amounts of artwork, embroidery, sublimation, and attitude. A visual nod to doomsday calenders, stepped pyramids, and parrot feathered high priests. Wear it and help keep the sun god happy - don't - and forever live in the darkness of a plain jacket.

 It's true that sacrifices must be made, but not by you, not this time. Put'em on and un-friend all the fools who's time has come. 

*If you only buy one new piece of motorcycle gear this season - and we hope you buy more than that - buy these gloves - they are F'in wicked!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Snow Daze

Living in Oregon presents the Icon staff with a multitude of entertainment options. Some enjoy damp dirt bike rides along the dark forest trails of Tillamook Burns. Some prefer the relative warmth of the local gentleman clubs - Portland has the most per capita in the US. And some of the Icon staff like to freeze their sacks socks off riding sleds in the shadow of Mount Bachelor. In many ways riding a snow machine is a lot like riding a motorcycle. Except that they are five times as heavy, don't turn worth a sh*t, and are festooned with whirling carbide spikes and razor sharp runners. Oh, and they have about zero suspension. Other than that they are just the same. Anyways, fun was had by all that attended except Ryan, who was left for dead. Sorry Ryan, we'll call your folks.

Rumor has it that a snow plow took out a snow cave+camper in this very parking lot - messy

The men from the misty mountains

Almost makes freezing your sack sock off worth it

Lots of horsepower + huge contact patch = big f'in snow wheelie

Snow based high sides lack the epic'isety of the asphalt based variety

Walter phones in yet another spicy noodle order - two words my brother - 'Jenny Craig'

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Operator Gear Review

Check out the gear review on the Operator helmet, jacket, and gloves from the crew at
This is what we wear when we go commando

Everything we've ever wanted

High amperage VU metered amps mounted on nickel-plated girder forks. Suspended by Ohlins shocks and illuminated with vintage KC Daylighters.  All garnished with a sticky set of Dunlop take-offs. We can only hope that this is routed to a room full of servo-drive bass bins and Mackie stacks. Via COC

Monday, February 1, 2010

The Game

The sickly blue haze of spent fuel hung over the assembled like a premonition. No waivers would be signed, no entrance fees collected. Preparations, hastily made, would be tested tonight. Alloyed metals, intended for high speed endurance, would be subjected to obscene shear and loading. For this was the urban arena. A viscous asphalt playground where any mistake would enact a painful toll. The new generation understood the rules perfectly. Gear Up, Dump Clutch, and Ride Among Us. 

The Metal God would like to welcome his flock to the Icon Spring 2010 collection. Can I get an Amen? 

Contest - Win an Icon Variant helmet!

This months contest is a search for the Ultimate Icon Superfan. We want to see visual proof (pictures) of what makes you an Icon Superfan. Please do not submit entries with the Icon logo shaved into the fur of any animal - other than that it's fair game. Please keep it PG rated since this picture will end up on the Icon blog for the world to see. R rated entries will be disqualified but still reviewed for the staff's amusement.

Entries should be sent to: no later than February 25th, 2010 0700PST. The winner will be announced on the ICON blog February 26th, 2010 0700PST Please include your contact information including a valid email address and working phone number.

Contest Open to residents of the 50 united States only. 
One entry per person please.


I've never been much of a Karl Lagerfeld 'fan' (get it?) - maybe it's the tall collars or the black denim - but his work never really spoke to me. I'm more of a Jean Paul Gaultier fan - mainly due to his scifi costumes not the man skirt collections. Anyways, I ran across this concept artwork that Karl Lagerfeld did for Ruby helmets and it left me a bit perplexed. I've designed my fair share of women's motorcycle apparel and helmets but I've never drawn anything quite like this. This drawing has caused me to rethink everything I thought I knew about design. There's a fine line between brilliant and ridiculous - I haven't yet decided were this one falls...  -Kurt

I'd like to see his concept drawings for women's belts

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