Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Etched Collection

Etched into the memory of a thousand peoples, the wraith's rocker tongue is as restless as it is disrespectful. Licking and lapping at the precipice of indiscretion, it wants nothing but it takes everything. The Variant Etched - where the apparition meets harsh reality.

There comes a time when lines are drawn, when decisions must be made. A time when you must choose your preferred side of the fence - a 'plain jane' wallflower or the boldest of riders. Are you the latter? Do you long for the crowd's adoring screams. Do you look at the Hooligan2 Etched and ponder which colorway would best match your ebullient attitude? Then your choice is quite obvious. Ride on secure in the knowledge that your insatiable skull appetite will be satisfied.

The Sub Etched - our most comfortable glove in the most comforting of graphics. Available in black, red, or blue depending on how you swing. But when you wear these gloves swing you must.


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