Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Snow Daze

Living in Oregon presents the Icon staff with a multitude of entertainment options. Some enjoy damp dirt bike rides along the dark forest trails of Tillamook Burns. Some prefer the relative warmth of the local gentleman clubs - Portland has the most per capita in the US. And some of the Icon staff like to freeze their sacks socks off riding sleds in the shadow of Mount Bachelor. In many ways riding a snow machine is a lot like riding a motorcycle. Except that they are five times as heavy, don't turn worth a sh*t, and are festooned with whirling carbide spikes and razor sharp runners. Oh, and they have about zero suspension. Other than that they are just the same. Anyways, fun was had by all that attended except Ryan, who was left for dead. Sorry Ryan, we'll call your folks.

Rumor has it that a snow plow took out a snow cave+camper in this very parking lot - messy

The men from the misty mountains

Almost makes freezing your sack sock off worth it

Lots of horsepower + huge contact patch = big f'in snow wheelie

Snow based high sides lack the epic'isety of the asphalt based variety

Walter phones in yet another spicy noodle order - two words my brother - 'Jenny Craig'

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