Friday, February 5, 2010

Street Angel Collection

If you've got an Angel, your a lucky man - keep her off the streets. But if you've got a Street Angel there won't be any stopping her. Your only choice is to put her in gear tough enough to survive the asphalt battlefield. This starts with a premier lid - the Airframe Street Angel. Engineered to meet the toughest safety standards and graphic'd enough to meet hers. Unquestionably feminine but accented with a hardened core. Kind of like a beauty queen packing a straight razor-easy on the eyes, but best keep you hands to yourself.

Hella Street Angel Jacket
The refined Hella chassis is the finest fitting women's motorcycle jacket on the market. So fine in fact that a few have been rebadged with the winged hearts of the Street Angel. For those who don't know-a Street Angel evokes lust at first sight-always has, always will. Perhaps it's this thrill of imminent danger, an insatiable desire for a ride on the crazy train. What else could explain why otherwise sane men desperately pursue these asphalt vixens? In time you'll learn-Street Angels-appreciate from a distance or forever pay the price.

Hella Street Angel Chaps
Of all the biker hangouts in the world she had to walk into yours. And what's she wearing on the stems? Hella Street Angel nylon chaps. You better play your cards just right, because if she rides off on the back of someone else's whip you'll regret it. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but soon and for the rest of your life.

Sub Street Angel Gloves
Scripted and swirled like the professional who wears them. The proper handwear choice for a homecoming queen gone bad. The angel in the title betrays your true intentions.

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