Friday, September 18, 2009

Icon Casuals Week - Women's Line

Always preaching our brand of equal opportunity motostyle, Icon presents ten new women’s casual styles. Hoodies, tees, beaters, even a beanie. Choice gear for that someone special. Whether that’s your wife, girlfriend, or both, we feel that you’ll appreciate the delicate touch applied and the sensitive approach taken to our 2009 Fall Womens Casuals.  



Thursday, September 17, 2009

Icon Casuals Week - Hats

Zombies, Shields, Dogs, and Gears - these are the things that Icon brings to the headwear universe. Four new and uniquely Icon ways to shield your helmet hair from the world. 


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Icon Casuals Week - Hoodies

What one garment can transcend so many situations? Late night runs for 4th meal, insulation under a regulator vest, even sheltering a pretty girl in the rain. In a more innocent time - long before "hoodies" but shortly after "warmups," we called them "sweatshirts.” That was before the polyester wicking lobbyists launched their "Cotton Kills" smear campaign. Whatever you call them, Icon has 3 clean ones to show you, get ‘em sweaty my friends.


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Icon Casuals Week - Men's Tees

You feel it with your hands, you feel it with your eyes, you’ll feel it in your loins.  We auditioned the softest cottons, richest inks, and the boldest new graphics for Fall '09 Icon tees. The culling process, both gut wrenching and heart warming, went on for months until only the strongest remained. These survivors were carefully nurtured on location in Portland, Oregon, until they were strong enough for the streets. These are more than just tees - these are an experience. Wanna see more? Jump to our website.


Monday, September 14, 2009

Icon Casuals Week

After being denied attendance to the Mercedes Benz fashion week  runway show, The Cretin began scheming again. “Just because I slurped a model with my tongue and poked another with my horns doesn’t mean they have to completely ban me” he mused out loud, “I'll show them what real fashion is.” In true Cretin style, a pneumatic cannon was secured and ammunition requisitioned. Taking to the streets of his home turf, The Cretin went out in search of the beautiful people. 20 minutes and 3 tall boys later, the results are self-evident and have been recorded for posterity. Welcome to Icon fashion week. 
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