Sunday, September 12, 2010

Busted and Broken - Date Night

Date night turned into deer night. I had just dropped a girl off from a nice evening ride to a classy sit down dinner and a little waterfall trip. It was about 930 at night, on a country road that I am familiar with; twisty and turny and ordinarily fun to ride on. I was crusiing along and came up on a moderate 90 degree turn that I have taken before, I go in at about 35mph, I come out of the turn, and there stands a huge deer right in front of me. I swerved to miss the deer......successfully. However, my rear tire caught the edge of a ditch and dropped down in it, taking the rest of the bike, and myself with it. The bike went in the ditch upright, and managed to come out of it upright, only problem was that it went up a 6 foot tall embankment which now had become my ramp. The bike and I launched off the embankment, flipped twice end over end, slid about 20 feet together, then I was tossed another 20 feet where I proceeded to land head first and face down on a dirt and gravel path. My bike was essentially torn in half, I was lucky to have missed the barb-wire fence and trees that lined the road. When I landed on my head, knowing I had my Icon helemet on was the only comfort I had.


Nick M.
McGraw, NY

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