Monday, September 13, 2010

Minicane - The CBR250F1

There are lots of great things about the interweb. Free porn for example. Actually free porn and an endless supply of motorcycle info. Neither of which are actually needed - but both of which are ravenously consumed. The latest in this stream of digitus is the CBR250F1 Hurricane. Ever hear of it? We hadn't. Which is odd, given that we consider ourselves to be quite well versed in all things Honda Hurricane. She's an odd little beast - sporting Hurricane fender and wheels but exhibiting a distinctly first gen Ninja 600 vibe in the styling department. Perhaps the Minicane is the result of an illicit tryst between Honda and Kawi? An illegitimate offspring deemed too embarrassing and runt-like to release to the American public? Of course this is pure speculation on our part - but unless Honda comes on this blog to publicly deny our claims than we will consider their lack of response as tacit confirmation. Which brings up the other great thing about the internet....lies! it's all lies! 

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