Saturday, September 18, 2010

Cold Dead Fingers

What do get when you cross huge sums of horsepower with swiss watch reliability? We're not sure, but it definitely isn't Cold Dead Fingers. Fingers is more like an unholy mashup between early Lynrd Skynrd, a Taurus® Judge™ and a aluminum bass boat. You know - not that much power, not very comfortable, and of questionable practicality - but she can catch, clean & cook a mean catfish. Yeah, Fingers is a lot like that. She's powered by the high water mark of HD engineering - the 1972 Ironhead Sportster. A kick only, right hand shift, 1000cc double-lunged homage to the American dream. Equally at home on a post-war interstate or blue groove oval, she defies petty classifications. Upgraded to period correct competition standards - R6 forks, Kawi wheels, unknown rotor and the finest Kenda meats $60 will buy - she stands ready to enact the mercy rule on any would be doubters. Straight from an era defined by easy love, greasy locks, and piles of blow - you're welcome to take her for a ride if you can pry her from our Cold Dead Fingers.

Fingers in all her purple mountain majesty

Dare we say that her left side profile is the better angle?

If she ever gets lost, just place her in any mailbox and we will cover the return shipping

Still a damned fact...

Hey - Chopper Dave how about making an aircleaner that us Mikuni user can rock?

We've come a long way since making motorcycle noise while riding our Mongoose (actually we haven't)

Pirelli dreams - Kenda budget, the story of our lives

Icon <3 Ironheads

Fingers going through a racer and a greaser phase - luckily she grew out of both

Initial sharpie tank graphics and the more refined finished product

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