Saturday, August 21, 2010

Busted and Broken - Young Drivers

A 17-year-old girl pulled out in front of me as I was riding my 06 Buell Lightning home from work last Friday.  She ran her stop sign and crossed over the street I was riding down, and didn't even see me. I crashed into her passenger side fender, was thrown over the handlebars and about 10 feet up in the air according to witnesses. I landed on my pelvis, then rolled/skidded onto my head and shoulder.

I was wearing my Icon Mainframe helmet, Icon Pursuit gloves, a set of Icon FieldArmor shin and knee guards, and my Icon Accelerant boots.

The helmet took the brunt of the impact from the road, but the FieldArmor guards saved me from getting road rash on my legs, and don't have a scratch on them.  The gloves are also perfect, and saved my hand skin 100%.

I ended up with a severely broken pelvis and some bruising, but the Icon gear definitely saved me from becoming a vegetable, severe road rash, or having facial surgery. I cut my nose on my sunglasses and ended up with two black eyes as well. My leg was in traction for 4 days, and I am having surgery this afternoon to repair my pelvis.

Leo K.

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