Monday, August 9, 2010

Lost Souls

Another lost soul wandered was pushed into the Icon garage last night. She's a CB550 in all her hipster glory. The previous owner gave up on her once she started spewing gas from her carbs. It seems hipsters have an aversion to gas soaked denim - we wish the same held true for the skin tight variety. Anyways, saved by a new Icon Garage Team member her fate lies in his trembling hands. What will she turn into? A bobber, a cafe, a smoking inline four shitebox? Only time and twelver's of Natty Light will decide.

Randy when parked...


  1. Another shattered dream! Found on Craigslist I presume?


  3. Indeed. $650 worth of inline four potential. Upon further inspection the brake fluid had turned into mud - something tells me this bike may hide more than just a stuck float bowl....


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