Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Magnificent Bastard

Straight outta Salinas comes our latest steed - a 1986 VF1000R. We've long since admitted our prediliction for all things 80's Honda. The first VFR is arguable the pinnacle of that era. Not pinnacle in that it's a great bike - it most certainly is not. In fact this particular one sat on the dealership floor until 1990. Not exactly the mark of desirability - and for good reason, it's an absolute tank. No, when we use the pinnacle label it's more in relation to style and steez. Thick & saucy, with a throaty smokers cough reverberating out the twin Yosh, it demands attention. She was built as a homologated production race bike meant to do battle in the endurance race classes. Unfortunately the Honda engineers missed a few key elements on their merry way to fatville. But twenty five years later, dressed in fine HRC race livery and hitting the scales at an impressive 600 pounds the VF has truly become a Magnificent Bastard

We've got big plans for the water whale. Stay tuned for her makeover into a RS850 x RS1000RW x GS1000 x MFP endurance pursuit bike. Yoshimura Tornado seat with exposed battery tray, a pair of external mount PIAA's, staggered cans, yellow plates, and maybe even rebuilt carbs. Yeah, she'll still be the fattest girl at the dance - but she's got a cute face, big chest, and she puts out. Once you reach a certain age you'll realize how desirable that combination can be. Viva la VeeFour.

Red conventionals with a drop out axle - so race

An Autumn blast through the pretty side of the Slabtown district

Spooling up Avon's always seems so classy - in a British accent kind of way

Oury's are the mandatory dress code at Club Icon 

Inspiration #1 - FWS1000/RW1000RS

Inspiration #2 - RS850R

Inspiration #3 - Sexy eyepatch 

Inspiration #4 - Staggered asymmetrical pipes

Inspiration #5 - Bol d'Or

Inspiration #6 - Bold lean angles

Inspiration #7 - Mean GS1000R

Inspiration #8 - Dual spots and twin raccoon burners

Inspiration #9 - The Bronze KZ1000


  1. staggered rear end is naughty. Old skool bizniz rules

  2. "RS850 x RS1000RW x GS1000R"... Ohhhhh yeah, do it!! Think "race track refugee" :)
    MFP??? Not so much... I love the Mad Max films, but a bit too '70's for the viffer.

  3. great addition to the stable!
    i recently got a 92 vfr 750. these bikes are so awesome. why havent more companies put v4's on street bikes. this thing is the perfect balance of mean and civilized


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