Saturday, September 25, 2010

Busted and Broken - Smoke Trail

Hi all,

OK, short and sweet, I flew down to my local station for gas and smokes, less than one mile away! Im riding the legal limit (30 mph in the u.k. for residential) and I see a car waiting in a side road to my right. I think "ok i'm gonna roll off the gas a little jus in case he pulls out". He didn't move since it's my right of way. I make my choice to carry on up the street, THEN the dopey s$#t comes straight out and t-bones me! I flew straight over the hood and hit a cast iron road sign. I ride a strongarm 13, super duty gloves and field armor boots and NONE of my gear was damaged! Not a scratch. I had normal jeans on so my knees are bashed up a little and I also managed to fracture two Transverse vertebrae (the spiky bits that are on both sides of each bone). I usually don't wear my jacket on short trips down the road but the paramedic said my jacket saved my life. Sort of wish my jacket had the marks to prove it but I guess a before and after of my steed (rest her soul) will have to do. Thanx all of ICON. Now I have 8 lives left.

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