Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Dziewczyna na Motorze

From the country that brought us the perfect hot dog, a legendary pontiff, and some serious speedway action, comes Poland's latest export - Ewa Pieniakowska. Young, cute, and talented - she's willing to flog her coveted F3 all in the name of promoting Polska stunting. We're expecting big things from you, Ewa - thanks for reppin' Icon.

We'll save you the Babblefish trip - 'Girl on Motorbike'.

The next generation Power Puff girl

The grass is definitely greener in Poland

The pride of Opolski

Rain stunting - hardcore

The fifty spreader

Taking 1st place at Street Fighter Festival - Bielawa

Poland looks a lot like Wisconsin...


  1. i happen to live in wisconsin and i take slight offense to this,although it is funny and does look to be true.haha.

  2. Truly ironic. I live in Wisco too and I have too admit it does look like poland. Ive also been told it looks like Siberia.

  3. We've been to both Wisconsin and Poland and find them both equally exciting. In fact it's always a toss up when summer vacation time comes around - Janesville or Krakow. Krakow has incredible salt mines and architecture. Janesville has unbelievable townie bars with friendly fat girls. Always a tough call.


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