Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Concept & Execution - Zipperface

So what do you do when you need to take an advertising photo of a gimped face Zipperface helmet graphic? Our recipe to distract and counteract was simple: A latex suit, two healthy alabaster white breasts, and one sidecar equipped death-cycle borrowed from a crazy Dutchman. It's a simple dish that has never failed to please.

The setting - a dark cement stall in the back corner of the Metalgod's lair. Once on set, with the lights adjusted, everything fell into place - and out of place briefly. For us, wardrobe malfunctions are the juice!

And just so everyone stops asking - the identity of the Zipperface model is strictly need-to-know. We're keeping this one close to the chest to protect the guilty and to ruin the innocent. But because this is a private blog we'll let you in on the secret. She is underground internet sensation named Ivy Slime. And yes, by all accounts, she is rather slimy.

The Alliance SSR Zipperface - the super Pimp Gimp graphic that's sweeping the nation

Nol's obscene corner machine - yes it is every bit as wicked as it looks

We call this area of the Icon warehouse the 'pleasuredome' - no one is coming for you my friend

"We like how things are shaping up, but let's warm it up a bit and change positions." (creepy designer talk for flip the model around and adjust the camera's white balance)

At times like this it takes true professionals to remained focus

How does one go about getting into that suit?

Ivy's blue steel... 

The final composition


  1. I'm just an old flattracker but dammit - those vinyl wrapped alabaster sacks make me want to do nasty things to a fold of uncooked dough. Know what I mean, Vern?

  2. uncooked dough... thats a new 1. but yes i agree I see a curve or 2 that i'd enjoy laying into


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