Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Contra Mil-Spec Textile Jacket

Wanna be seen? Got a nasty commute with inattentive suits and self-medicated  soccer moms trying to run you into the median? Wanna simplify the jacket/vest combo and just wear a single item to get on base? Really like the color chartreuse and want the whole world to know it? Those are some of the reasons behind our new Contra Mil-Spec jacket. The Contra is already the premier sport textile jacket in the motorcycle market. The Mil-Spec version takes that refined chassis and adds loads of reflective and a retina burning green hue. The result, dare we say it, is the best super bright ass green reflective jacket the world has ever seen - and see it they will.  

The Contra Mil-Spec jacket, like all of Icon's Mil-Spec line, meets motorcycle PPE (personal protective equipment) requirements for all branches of the US Military. 

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