Thursday, November 19, 2009

Cold Dead Fingers

Liberated from it's tarp prison

The most fun tool in the box

Summer '09 configuration - note
cup holder attached to the apes -
the perfect commuter vehicle

Some new 7-spokes and fresh dual-
sport rubber for that old school BMX
flavor that is all the rage 

R6 front end cause all the cool 
kids are doing it

The Icon garage is a very busy place. A constant flow of motorcycles in various stages of life roll through our overhead doors. It's no secret the Icon Garage Team has a soft spot in our hearts for Sportsters. Some say this is because we have an equally large soft spot in our brains. Whatever the case you can always find a sporty or two undergoing massive reconstruction within the hallowed walls of the Icon garage. This lovely example of a '72 XLCH was rescued from under a tarp. She had sat forgotten for years, devoid of both spark and title. Luckily we are skilled in generating both. $1000 changed hands and Cold Dead Fingers, as she would come to be known, was hauled back to the shop.  She's a kick only beast but has proved to be quite the runner. Soon she will be complete - a 1000cc American dream - destined to rule the dirt ovals and gravel proving grounds of the greater Willamette basin. Stay tuned.

1 comment:

  1. fresh as fuck, needs some keith black pistons, kibblewhite valves, bandit clutch, so it'll go as fast as it looks.


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