Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Motorhead Glove

Another from the sketchbook archive of products that didn't make the cut - the Motorhead glove. Originally designed to complement the industry defining Icon Motorhead jacket, the glove was scuttled for reasons we no longer recall. But as often happens with conceptual product design, certain elements would find a life on future products. In this case the knit cuff would be end up on the Burner glove and the knuckle construction on the TiMax.

It sacrificed itself so that others may live


  1. looks like a really badass glove. i was going to say that i like the look of the knit cuff, but it would imply that i might favor 1 styling element over another on this glove. i love the way the whole glove is. the logo is not obnoxiously place and whoring for attention. if you ever decide to bring this glove into production. i'll buy up a pair. my a*'s are getting pretty high mileage, and showing it.

  2. Seems cool, send me one pair.


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