Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Caption Contest - Be Cool - Win Icon Casuals

What in the hell could this guy possibly be saying? We think it's something like "Oh Luchador'e don't spit upon the floor'e - thats what they make a spittoon for'e". Hmmm...maybe not. If you think you know, or just want to show everyone on the internet how clever you are, send your eloquent retort to Make sure you write 'Caption Contest' as the subject so we don't discard your entry with the rest of our daily hate mail. (Just kidding - we don't discard your hate mail, we shove it into our underpants to keep us warm on cold Oregon nights). The Icon staff of literary savants will pick the top three captions and announce the winners on the blog. Each winner will receive one Icon casual of their choice. And finally, because America has turned into a litigious nannystate devoid of personal responsibility or common sense, the lawyers forced us to add - One entry per person - see site for official rules and regulations. Ok- commence opining. 

"Bring me your captions - your phrases - your crudely hewn wordsmiths yearning to breathe free"

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